Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation-Otherwise known as a week away from home.

Well, I pissed & moaned till I got a vacation-well, a week away from home. Yes, it was my idea to take Tom & the girls. I wanted to go to San Diego to Sea World. We DO have one in San Antonio but the humidity down there is killer. SO it was decided we'd go west. Problem was, Jake's (our dog)surgery. He didn't do as well as we had thought he would do. The 2 main things were, he wasn't coming out of his hiding place and he was not eating (or pooping). It had been 3 days. Finally Rich made steak on the grill that 3rd night & he sure came out & sat at the table with us then. We waited a few more days until was sure he would be able to get in & out of the doggie door & he would eat something other than steak or can dog food. I guess we left last Tuesday.

We drove to Flagstaff, AZ and spent the night there. From there we drove to the Grand Canyon. It was my 2nd time there. OMG, if that isn't proof there is a God, then nothing is. We saw so much more there than the landscape too. On the way in we saw mule deer on the side of the road. Birds, insects, chipmunks and this cool squirrel. Like no other I'ver ever seen. I haven't uploaded his pic. I hope it comes out. I wasn't sure how the girls would react to the whole "grand scheme" of things. Shelby was especially taken by it. Poor Kenzie had a pretty bad foot blister & we all know how distracting foot pain can be. Shelby loved pointing out things & showing us ALL things we might not have seen. We got to see some Native American dancing. I did well walking in sneakers, but I have TERRIBLE balance & nearly fell on my ass a few times. LOL I even scared EVERYONE around me and that is when I decided to stay far back from the edge. I had more hands grabbing for me than at a Brittney concert. LOLOL Back on the road again to drive back down towards the Phoenix area. I wasn't feeling good that night. It wasn't that warm at the Canyon. I don't think it was the heat.

To tell ya the truth I don't even know where we were at. Some suburb of Phoenix. Tom called his ex-wife, Morgan to tell here we were AZ and when did she want to get together & see Shelby & Kenzie. And let Tom spend some Time with Addison (Addi). We told her we would be in Phoenix the next day & they recommended a hotel near her husband's parents'. As soon as we pulled in and checked in, Morgan, her hubby Aaron, Addi & their baby Sydnee (Shelby & Kenzie's half sister whom they hadn't met yet) were there in about 5 minutes!! It was a nice reunion for them right there. Morgan was emotional. Happy to see her girls all together-bittersweet for her, as she had suffered a miscarriage. I was happy that we were able to get them together as I know how hard it was for her. They all went on to Morgan & Aaron's and Rich & I stayed in & cooled off, as it was 116 that day!

Shelby & Kenzie got to spend the night with them then Mogan brought them back to the hotel the next day around 11am. They went swimming a while then all of us went to a Mall. It was a a very nice mall & we had fun shopping, eating lunch & the girls had an absolute blast playing in the Children's playground area. I teared up once while we were eating. It was Morgan, Tommy, their 3 daughters and Rich & I and I thought...this is how it should have been. I know, I know. That is selfish of me. But I still wish things could have worked out. Yes she broke Tommy's heart but she gave us 3 beautiful girls that are extensions of our family. How can we not still have feelings for her. I still feel the same for Chad's wife. Ashley's mother. Yes, I love Chad's wife now and I adore their daughter Hailey but his first wife gave us our first grandchild. She will always have a little corner in my heart too. Anyway, it is what it is. They were over 21. I still think it's too damned easy in this country to get a divorce.

That 2nd night, Richard & Tom went to the Cheesecake Factory & got me a slice of "Stefani's special Red Velvet Cheesecake" since I didn't have a birthday cake (the 29th). If you haven't had it (and it was first experience) it was 2 layers of cheesecake layered with 2 of regular red velvet cake. The top & sides were iced with buttercream icing & the sides were coated with small white chocolate curls. O M G. It was HUGE. WHY there isn't a Cheesecake Factory in this town is beyond me. There was NO way I could eat it all so I had the rest for breakfast. Not very good for a diabetic, but I was being good most of the time. LOL

The next day it was on to Las Vegas. At that point....I was feeling like doggie doo. We got to Vegas on a Friday of course. Hotels being higher then than any other time, but it was just how the timing of the trip turned out. I also hate Vegas on the weekend because there always seems to be twice as many people there. Rich, Tom & the girls went running around a little then brought them back. I stayed in the room with a VERY VERY upset stomach and they went to gamble. Rich came back and Tom came in late. The next day we all took turns going out and about. We all went over to the Mandalay Bay to their Aqaurium. We had lunch at a very nice Mexican Restaurant. The girls loved the Aquarium and especially touching the sting rays and horseshoe crabs. It was truly fun. It was too hot though. I did some gambling while the guys and girls went downtown. We were staying at the Excalibur on the south end of the Strip. I went back up to the room and waited on them to come down. Tom & I gambled some a little later. None of us did very good. Rich came out ahead I think. I had been stashing some cash for gambling and came home with some of it. While Tom, Rich & the girls were out and about Richard bought me a white leather purse and I love it. He hadn't gotten me anything really for my birthday, but I told him I didn't expect him too since we were on the trip. He knows I have been shopping for a white leather purse and for him to take the time to go into a hotel and go shopping for me...well that was pretty darn special. AND I LIKE IT! LOL He wanted to stay another day or two, but I was just worn out & ready to go home. Usually he has to drag me outta Vegas. I have to admit I was a little worried about Jake (Frodo too) but my daughter & her boyfriend were coming to the house at least twice a day. We got home and the doggies were SO happy to see us. The cat, Calli, not so much. It was SO funny. She was in the front yard & she would not let ANYONE touch her--except Tommy. Not knowing a lot about cats, I think that is pretty understandable. She IS HIS cat.

Oh my gosh, my hibiscus' bloomed while we were gone. I guess we had some wild weather & quite a bit of rain while we were gone. I have had many hibiscus and they have always been beautiful. I ordered these from QVC....5 of them. Only 3 of them survived-they were approximately 4" high when we got them about 3 months ago. Now they are between 3 and 4 FEET high. In the past my biggest blooms were over 6". The SMALLEST of these blooms are about 8 1/2" and the largest was 10". I was FLOORED. I have never seen ANY flower that large.

Richard had extended our privacy fence from the back of the house to the front on the west side. For more strorage & probably putting one of his classic cars there to store and/or work on. He had been putting an aluminum roof on it and 2 of the pieces blew off during one of the storms while we were gone. Heard we had 80 mph winds that night. I'm surprised it didn't rip the tomatoes clear out of the ground. But they are doing great. In fact we had some in our salads last night.
Well it's good to be home. I'm feeling better. I got on some prilosec. I used to take it and when I ran out of it a while back, I just never took anymore. I have been getting increasing heartburn so I am back on it and it has helped so much. I've gotten some good sleep and am glad to be sleeping in my own bed. However the first place we stayed in only had a 2 bedroom suite with a living room, kitchen/dining room and that place had the most awesome mattresses and nicest sheets I've slept on in years. I believe I could have a spent a week in that bed. LOL

Getting late & I want to try to get some photos on here & on facebook.
Glad to be home. I'll try to get round to your blogs as I go alone.

Love you all. (Can't find the squirrel pic. Will try to find it. LOL) Hugs & Goodnight!!