Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP Michael and Farrah



Yes, I am writing about the loss of Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett. Two icons in their own right gone far too soon. I am already SICK of the SICK jokes going around about the two of them and I don't want to hear any more of them.
It's one thing to disrespect someone in life, that can defend themselves...but less than 24 hours after they are gone, I think is just plain mean spirited. Yes both of them were far from "our" definition of normal. What IS normal? Am I normal .... ahhh, no. Are you? I am so disgusted at the names they have branded upon the Hollywood and Music World elite. They are people whose destiny took them down a road that few travel upon.
Michael Jackson was scrutinized by everyone, everywhere from the first time he walked on a stage. Where were all these so called friends & fans of his when he was on trial for molestation? Did he molest little boys? I don't know. I wasn't there. I don't think many were. That's between him & his maker. I am sitting here watching his videos on several different channels. "Scream [Stop Pressuring Me]" & "Leave Me Alone"; two songs that say it all. He just wanted to make his music. Live his life. I know from what I've heard from tv & radio that he had a lot of chronic pain. A lot of that stemming from the fire in the Pepsi commercial. If you have never suffered chronic pain or been inclined to addiction, how can we understand. I hope he didn't suffer at the end. I know he's out of pain now. He's in heaven with his baby brother, Brandon who died the day of his birth. Brandon was Marlon's twin.
As for Farrah Fawcett. She suffered mightily & fought the good fight. I was thrilled when Ryan ONeal said they would be married and heartbroken that it didn't happen before she passed. Did you know when she was one month old she had surgery for a digestive tract tumor? She was born in Galveston TX. So of course we (Texans) claim her as our own. She certainly may not have had an impact on the world like the "King of Pop" did, but she came into our homes often. As one of Charlie's Angels, as the abused wife & mother of the "Burning Bed", etc. Apparently she had demons of her own to battle. I hope she too is resting in peace. Out of pain.
Anyway, that's my 2 cents on the matter.
Thursday afternoon we had a houseful of company. All the kids, then one of Richard's nephews, his wife, one of their sons, their daughter & her boyfriend-all moved back out here from the Phoenix area. 15 of us to eat (burgers off the grill) and swim. Well I couldn't swim of course. I was on my feet longer than I had been in the past few weeks. I was worn out by the time they all left. I guess my late nights finally caught up with me because since Friday morning when I went to bed till 11am I slept a total of 22 hours. I probably should try to get back to bed earlier tonight.
Hope you and yours are having a good weekend. Until next time.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Free Feet - Kinda

Went to the Doc last Thurs. (The 18th) When the nurse took off the bandaging, she didn't think it looked all that great. That 2nd & 3rd toe (the troublemakers) were really swollen and deep red. However...with my foot up in the air sone of that redness subsided, so that was a relief. The 3rd toe, the one they took the pin out of early is crooked. He taped it, showed me how to tape it & taped the 1st 2 toes together. Told me I can walk without the crutches or can as long as it's not swelling or bothering me. I am using the cane most of the time.
Life seems to passing us by as usual. Things to be done everyday. I have been pretty useless up to this point but think I am finally on the mend. Rich, Tom & the girls have something up everyday.
Father's Day was nice. All the kids were here. If I had known they were all going to be here at the same time, we could've cooked out something. Robin & AJ said they would "probably be by" and Chad & Malizza & Hailey just came over. Ashley is still in WA. The girls really miss her. I had a card made for Tommy with a photo of his 3 daughters on the front & on the inside a photo of some of my tulips he'd taken then on the back of the card a small photo of him with Kenzie & Shelby. I also had a tall coffee mug made, with a close up Kenzie's & Shelby's faces tiled all over it. Very neat.I think he liked them. Chad & Tom mowed and did yard work. I must brag that my yard is looking better every day. It's a miracle what a working sprinkler system (thanks to Hubby, AJ, & Tommy & our nephew, Andy), some good rains, and $$$ in fertilizers & insecticides and weed killers will do. The front is patchy under the Oak tree but looks SO much better because Tom got some fescue to grow under it. It's slow spreading.
We are going to have to get a new roof from the hail we had a few weeks ago. Rich has this thing about metal roofs. He thinks they look cool. A lot more people are getting them. I think we will have to look into that before I'd do it. I just wonder how THEY hold up under hail like we had. I can see, like siding, the advatages of it. I really think that the siding we had put on has helped. Our electricity bill has been lower than usual for this time of year. So far. (Fingers crossed).
Nothing exciting to report, so I will keep this short & sweet. Hope all is well with you and yours and not too hot or stormy where you are.
Thank you all for all of you who have hung in with me. I appreciate all your prayers & well wishes. I know I'm here thanks to you guys.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surgery/Post Surgery.

Well, I am 12 days out of surgery. I would say I am doing OK...sorta. Surgery was May 27, I went back a week later, just for a dressing change. The nurse & I both went "Oh no" at the same time as the dressing came off....the whole top of my foot was swollen & lobster red. Doc was in surgery. She took a couple of pics & sent them to him & he had her take one of the pins out the toes. (3 of them had these pins down through the top of the toe-they are abt 3" long). He thought one of them might have been causing the infection as it was working it's way out & had a lot of stuff on body just rejecting it. Happens sometimes. So she pulled the pin & they faxed me in a prescription for antibiotics. I had been cheating & not using both my crutches. PhotobucketI'm allowed to put weight on it as long as it's the heel of the foot. So I was using one crutch or my cane. That was a big no no. I'm supposed to use BOTH crutches ALL the time and stay off it as much as possible & when I'm not up to have the foot elevated. I went back to the DR the next day & saw him. It already looked 20% better (he said). I agree, it looked better. I go back on June 10th to get all the stitches taken out and the other 2 pins. I have a permanent screw in the big toe. like on the other foot. I hope this stops the ulcers on these toes. It's got to help.

I'm being spoiled and going crazy. Rich did drop me off at the nail salon Thursday & came back to get me after I was done. I will be SO glad when I can drive. I could's my left foot, but the Dr. prefers I don't. That way I won't be tempted to "go shopping." LOL Like I'm SUCH a shopaholic. I have been getting a lot of crocheting done. I finished one & got it mailed to Sandra's daughter who had a beautiful 8 lb baby girl! (some of you might know her from journaling...Labdancer51.) Although they live in England, I've known Sandra for a couple of years from AOL journals. When I found out her daughter was having a girl & I wanted to make her a baby afghan, I was thrilled...the past few I'd done were for boys. I have a couple more to make two for boys and one I don't know the sex of yet. I think I will do a green & white one.

Other than my surgery, life has been as usual. The girls are having a ball out of school. Swimming almost every day. Our oldest granddaughter, Ashley left for Washington on June 2 for her annual trip to visit her Mom. I know she was looking forward to it. Unfortunately I didn't get to see her after my surgery, right before she left. I wanted to give her some "mad money" in case she ran across something she really wanted, but i'm sure she will be fine money wise. I also wanted to talk to her about the Twilight series books. She is one of those who encouraged me to read them. I'm almost done with book two and i can't believe how much better it was than the first book & the first book was really good. Very very easy reads.

A very good friend was going home from work late Wednesday night when he had to stop for gas. Of course at a self serve station. He was robbed at gunpoint. The guy asked for his wallet & his keys. He only had $14 on him. I HOPE he's got the locks changed on their house. I haven't talked to him since Thursday so don't have anymore details. I am just glad the guy was satisfied with what he got and took off. It's a scary world out there. I heard a statistic that 1 in 3 people in the United States will be touched by violent crime. Sad isn't it? Scary.

Well, it's getting late. Hope all is well with you all. I will try to get around to your blogs when I can. I can't seem to concentrate on doing much online. LOL

Love you all! Have a good week!