Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pain Pain go away

I hate to get on my blog and complain. So if you don't want to listen to me cry & whine log off now. LOL



I'm USED to pain. There isn't a pain pill in the world that will treat MY peripheral neuropathy in my feet completely. It hasn't been diagnosed, the pain in my hands but every one of my fingers and joints in my hands feel like needles & knife cuts from fingertips to the palms of my hands. I have taken 2 pains (2 hrs early). I WANT A DR WHO CAN HELP ME & WON'T STOP UNTIL HE DOES. I have 10 tiny ulcers on one foot. Not a good sign. One on the other foot that has been open for over a year and 2 that forming on the toes the Ortho Doc was supposed to have straightened last spring. They are more curled under than they were before. On 2 of the toes you cant even see my TOES NAILS. My toe nails touch the freaking ground.
My sleep is erratic and I know that this isn't helping me. I was awake till 6:3AM this morning. Slept till about 11. Napped a little this afternoon. My other son, Chad & his daughters, Ashley & Hailey were here or I wouldn't have gotten up when I did, so I'm glad I got up.

Well for those of you who read me on FB, you've heard the news that we are going to be Grandparents again. Our oldest son, Chad & his wife Malizza are expecting again. They have sweet precious Hailey who is two & will be almost 3 when new baby gets here. They also have 13 yr old beautiful Ashley. Malizza is a wonderful, generous Mother. I love her like one of my own. Sometimes I think she doesn't think that. Well, just last Wednesday, Chad & Malizza stopped by. She'd had an ultrasound. Malizza is a nurse. As the person giving the ultrasound was looking all around & asked if the were "ready for this?" Chad said "Is it a girl." Malizza said "No--there are 2 of them!" Malizza started crying & the ultrasound tech showed them their twins. TWINS. I cannot believe it. I am over the moon. They were shocked but I think they are pretty excited. Ashley looked like she might have been in shock a little herself the next day when I saw her. So we'll go from 5 granddaughters to SEVEN grandchildren & if God chooses, maybe a grandson or 2. LOL I am just praying for healthy babies & mom. Chad is still laid off the Railroad. He is probably going to have to go to another state & work a while (the RR has nationwide seniority), so he can keep up their health insurance. We have really good health ins. thank God.
Tom's ex (the one who has his 3rd daughter) & their half sister by her 2nd husband have moved back to Texas from Arizona (where HIS family lives). I hope it the correct decision for them. Morgan got a job with an ATT call Center. I don't know what Aaron is doing.The girls enjoying spending time with their sisters. Morgan & Aaron, Addi (Tom's daughter) & Sydbee will be living at Morgan's moms, with her Mother, and Morgan's 4 siblings that are live at home. Morgan is also pregnant with her 5th child. I hope it isn't too stressful for her , being pregnant. But it will be good for the girls to be all in the same town & see their sisters on a regular basis and for Tom to be able to bond with Addison.whom he has not been able to see but once in the past couple of years. She needs to know her Father is Tom & that Aaron, whom I am certain is a perfectly wonderful person is her step father. I hope my feelings don't upset Morgan, but it is the way that I feel. I would never badmouth her OR Aaron to the girls. We all have to get along so they feel loved and not pulled in one direction or another. I am praying this is all a part of God's plan. I know Morgan has always hated being away from her TX family (who doesn't hate being away from their family?). I hope this brings her peace & helps her have a healthy pregnancy.
Maybe all I needed to do was sit & put word to paper. If you can call blogging that. I am beginning to feel better or all the meds are starting to kick in. The only thing that is absolutely killing me is my head. I KNOW in my head that colds only lasts a few days to a week generally. Well, I feel like I am going on week 4 of a cold. I was really thinking I had it beat a few days & I'll be darned if I didn't wake up coughing & sneezing yesterday morning. And it was worse this morning. Kenzie had strep last week. She's on antibiotics. I hope none of the rest come down with anything this week. I just can't get as sick as i did last year. I can't go through THAT again.


My DVR is almost full & that annoys me. People tell me to DVR something for them, then they never come in to watch it. I DVR a lot of the shows I watch, especially in the shank of the evening with the girls getting their baths & getting ready to bed. You'd think they'd be winding down after a hard day at school or at play, but it seems they get this BURST of adreniline about 30 min before time to bed down. Kenzie has lost her first two baby teeth. She looks so precious. They are off a couple weeks for Christmas break. We will do a lot of coloring.
I've found the perfect way to get them brush their teeth appropriately longer. I tell them it's a contest to see who can get their teeth the whitest! Of course one girl wins every other night or so. Maybe even 2 nights in a row.Tonight it was a tie. They thought that was perfectly hilarious. Shelby is going to need braces & probably should be seeing the Orthodontist NOW. Robin (daughter) started going to the Orthodontist when she was 7 yrs old (Shelby is 8) & kept going till we was ohhh, I think 17.

We had all the kids & spouses over & some friends of ours, Friday night. It's been a tradition for years and years. Since our kids were all little. Last year was my year, but I had just gotten out of the hospital & there was no way i could get the house clean & cooking done. My dear friend, Rita said we'd do it at her house & do all the cooking. So this yr was my year. I fried chicken wings & tenders-left one batch plain, one BBQ, & one Buffalo style. Cocktail smokies in a crescent rolls. Tom took a sheet of mozarella cheese, laid it out with pastrami, salami, & re-hydrated sun dried tomatoes. Rolled it up jellyroll fastion this sliced them. Cruiditie tray with ranch dip. Baked a ham & some frozen rolls to make Ham slider sandwiches. Rich made 3 types of babyback ribs. Baked beans. I made a batch of peanut brittle & chex mix & Tom made choc covored pretzels. For dessert we had a Cheesecake factory cheesecake, a red velvet cake. Rita brought this pecan pie type dessert. I have GOT to get the recipe for that. It was a huge hit. WAY too much food. We sent home leftovers with everyone & have been eating ham all week. It was awesome. I got it at Sam's. It was a Member's Mark Boneless Spiral Sliced ham that came with it's own glaze. I cooked it in the crockpot. YUMMY. Best ham I have ever bought I think. I bought one for ham also & have a small turkey. I don't know if I will make both of them. I had enough food for the neighborhood. I honestly should have started knocking on doors & telling people to come eat!!!

I'm mostly done with Christmas shopping. Haven't wrapped a single gift. Helped box them up & my salvation, Tommy wrapped them. I don't know what I would do without him. When he moves out...whatever will I do. Oh I didn't mention...he's enrolled in school since he is still laid off the RR. He'll start next month. I think he is looking forward to it. I am so excited for him.
I got my last Christmas card written about 5a.m. today, then caught the end of a movie called Lakeview Terrace. Samuel L Jackson has an interracial couple move in next door to him and he DOES NOT LIKE IT. He played a divorced cop with a lot of psychosis. It was pretty intense 7 i couldn't go do bed even though it wasn't over till 6:15am!!
Well, it's just a few more days till the Jolly fat man in the red suit arrives. Do you have traditions that are special in your family at this time of year? I'd love it if you'd leave a comment or a link to a blog entry, sharing your tradition. We have a German tradition we learned from my hubby's parents who of German descent. It's hide the pickle on the Christmas tree. The one who finds it gets an extra present!! I have a glass pickle ornament, though in the old days they used a real pickle! Also, we usually have Christmas breakfast of cinnamon rolls, bacon & eggs if anyone wants those, hot cocoa & coffee. If I cook dinner we eat a late lunch/early dinner. Please feel free to leave me a comment or a link to a blog entry & tell me about some of your traditions at Christmas.
I know I haven't been by your blogs lately. I've been uber busy & uber lazy about blogger. I will try to get by your blogs soon. Please don't think I've forgotten any of you.
Also please let's all say a prayer for those less fortunate & those grieving right now. It's an awful thing to be ill or lose a loved one but especially sad we are preparing for a joyful celebration. My dear friend, Sandra in England who had to put down her beautiful lab, Jake from illness. She is grieving so. My son's best friend, who lost his Uncle this week. My son's close friend Lauryn who is going to college here in Texas, who is taking her 5 yr old lab, Bear back to California to put him down during her Christmas break who is also dying of cancer. I know there are many more out there need our prayers. I am thankful that so far this winter I've managed to stay as well as I can. And let's remember the reason for the season as we celebrate Christ's birth.
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I wish you the Merriest of Christmases & a joyful & bountiful 2010! Love you all.


And a very happy New Year!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Surprise! An Entry!


Another day, another dollar. For someone. Since I don't have a paying job. I was a stay at home Mom for most of the past 37 years. I worked a few temporary jobs. Tried my hand at owning a small business with a woman whose sanity I question than my own-and that's really saying something. LOL I think her demons are far more dangerous and damaging to other people.

I do wish I'd gotten a college education. Maybe that would have impressed upon my children how important it CAN be. Not necessarily everyone wants or needs it. I just loved learning & going to school. I wish I had. I know people older than me go back to school everyday. Not people like me.

So what's going on in your world. I haven't written in a while. Same shit, different day. Not really anything newsworthy to write about. It's just Tom & me during the day, most days-Rich is either at work or sleeping.Tom hasn't gotten called back to the Railroad yet. Not many have. Someone told them that Tom's class and the younger in seniority, probably won't be called back before 2013. He's still drawing his railroad unemployment. He is thinking about school. He HAS been painting. He has done some things I think he should put on Ebay. It's contemporary. Takes him no time to knock them out. I mean, you never know. It's exactly WHY the man should be taking more Art courses. And music. I saw one of his videos of him playing guitar & singing on YouTube & he plays at this bar on Sunday nights when they have Open Mic night. Last week he played guitar with the house band on Dire Straits, Sultans of Swing. Then the song he sang was by the Darkness. I don't know what the song was. Our daughter & her boyfriend went out there that night. She said he was like a star. Her eyes glistened as she told me how well he did & how proud of him she was. Rich & I will have to get a sitter & go out & watch him some night.

I'm SO aggravated. I had a lot more written & the "SAVE NOW" wouldn't work. I thought it had saved what I'd written & it was getting late so I went to bed. It only saved what I'd first typed. Typical blogger.

I'm not one to send out every cartoon, email, prayer, or joke that I receive in my mailbox, but on occasion I do send along a few occasionally. If I've ever send out too many then yes, I hope that you'll let me know. However, last week a got a letter from someone I thought was an Internet friend. She very coldly said she no longer wanted to receive any emails (forwards) from me. That was it. I went to check her blog & found that she shut it down and went private without so much as a fuck you very much. I always felt kind of dumb when I read a lot of her entries. She's obviously well educated & it showe. A tad cool, but I thought it was her manner. Her entries were great & I really enjoyed them. I am just really shocked. I had no idea I had inundated her with so much garbage. Oh well. People come & go. It's not like we were going to high tea every day.

The H1N1 flu is starting to make the rounds here also. My granddaughter sat next to someone in church who had it & was sick in a couple of days. Her (step)Mom, an RN, took her & had her tested to see if she had it & she didn't but DID miss 3 days of school, so she was REALLY sick. I sure wish they'd get more vaccine in. I haven't even gotten my regular flu shot but am afraid to go to the Drs office with all the sickies!

Halloween week is upon us. My son & the girls LOVE it and have already been decorating. Got new costumes. Shelby Kay's 8th birthday is the 30th and they're going to a church lock in that night. Our plans for her birthday was for her to take a friend or 2 & go to Mall, get Shelby's ears pierced, get new outfit & eat pizza at the Mall. However since the lock in is that night and I don't know how much her ears will other her, I may see if we can just do the Mall thing on another day. The next day being Halloween-still not sure about doing it on that day. It would probably be OK. She's going to be a devil-has a sparkly sequined dress...SO cute & Kenzie (6) is going as an angel. They look SO cute.
Not much else of note to write about. Big Texas Tech FB game vs. Texas A & M tomorrow. Wish us luck. Home game sold out & NOT on TV. I am NOT a happy camper. I told Rich it was the one game I wanted to go to & couldn't get him to commit. I guess it'll be on the radio. Just wish I was gonna be there. Oh well. Wreck em TECH!!

Y'all have a GREAT weekend-wherever, whoever you are. LOL


Monday, September 28, 2009

Mad at the Internet

I had been having terrible wireless connection issues. Our Internet connection would drop off just enough to break the connection then come back on. After a several attempts at fixing it, we thought perhaps we would by a new router. That was several days ago & had not lost our connection ONCE in the past few days. Today it has been a holy terror to do ANYTHING. I don't know if it' is a server issue (which I believe it to be) . I have tried to catch up on my face booking and kept getting error after error there. I decided to come over to Blogger to catch up and cannot post any comments. It just cannot be me. I am just venting.
I need to get off the computer and go to bed anyway. I have my days and nights mixed up again.

My poor DH is working his arse off. He's spending all his time on the trains or at the other end of the line. That gets old REAL fast. He needs to keep working as I just realized it is 3 mos. until Christmas.

Today would have been my beautiful late mother in law's 96th birthday. She passed in January. There are not enough words to convey the love, the strength, the wisdom, the inspiration that this beautiful (and she truly was) imparted on her family. She is well loved and missed mightily. I hope she is heaven feeling no pain. Having cake and a party. I feel her love, guidance & protection smiling down on us all. Richard's equally beautiful 72 yr old sister has found love again. She has been a widow for years. Before her husband passed, he'd had a severe stroke & was totally dependent upon her. She cared for him in their home for years. Nearly breaking her back (and her spirit) as she loaded him in and out of the car, the tub , the chair, etc. He passed then she took care of their mother, driving her to DR appointments, making sure she was getting her groc. & meds and being taken care of. She got little help from any one else. All this time working a full time job. Anyway, Mary (my sis in law) has been dating a retired railroader and she is as giddy as a school girl. I've not seen her so happy, well, EVER. I am praying that this man will be good for her and that if this a match that they have many happy years together. They dine out, they go for drives, they go out DANCING! I LOVE it. I am So happy for her.

ht? Also a quick commentary on the Mackenzie Philips book that came out this past week. Love her or hate her, you have to give her her dues. I believe her story. I can't believe that the poor girl coughed up all this crap about an affair with her father. She & her ghost writers could have come up with it, but I tend to believe. I believe if she wanted to sensationalize her life she could have done it some other way.

Well, it's 5am. Guess I'll call it a day. Or should I call it a night.
Have a good week every one.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That Crazy Drive Home

Any of you who read my blog (which is obviously fewer and fewer as time goes by) know that I have wild & crazy dreams and oftentimes horrible violent nightmares. Well, last night was just a crazy dream. It had a little bit of EVERYTHING in it. It started out with Richard & I taking a walk (something we used to do, but rarely do anymore). After we walked about an hour, we decided to stop in the local watering hole for a drink. Now one thing about my dreams, I was raised in a little town in KS. I live in a fairly good size town in Texas now. So some things take place in KS but are here in Lubbock. The two intermingle often. The bar was in Anthony, but it was in Lubbock. I know-hard to make sense of. Back to the dream. Neither one of us was dressed for an evening out & a lot of our friends were there. They wanted us to eat dinner & party with them. Richard offered to walk home, get changed, get the car, come back & I could run home & change & come back. We weren't that far from home. He should have been gone maybe 45 min. He didn't come back. He was gone an hour. Didn't come back. I take off and walk our usual route and back to the bar. Never saw him. Walked back to our house. My brand new Lexus convertible (which is what I want now, but I know I'm not gettin-LOL) was gone, so I knew he'd been there. I changed clothes, walked back to the bar went in looked the whole place over & there he was back at a huge round table with a bunch of people. When I asked him where he hell he'd been, it was apparent he'd had a lot to drink. He laughed & said "I've been here the whole time! Saw you come in 3 times. I just wanted to see how long you'd look for me." Well, I was pissed, but what good does it do to argue with someone who's drunk. I sat down & had a couple drinks. My brother was there. We all had dinner & were having a pretty good time. I suggested we go back to our house. We had a new house too. (Don't know where that came from as I don't want nor need a huge new house. LOL ) So we are paying out & Richard, dear hubby, says, "Don't get mad, but you probably won't want to drive the car home." Of course I storm out to see what is wrong with it. I see a few little bumps and the rear passenger side & think to myself, that's not so bad. He pulled me back to rear and the whole driver's side & back end were crumpled. I was FURIOUS. Of course my drunk hubby is all apologetic. (He is not a drunk in real life. In fact for him ever to have a beer is a rare occasion because of the random drug testing at his job.) He's pretty funny, and for some reason, I can't stay mad at him. We went back in the bar & the waitress says she can't let any of us drive home anyway, we're all too intoxicated. She said for a quarter a piece she has a safe way to get us home. Of course no one but me has any money. For some reason I have a change purse full of dimes. So I pay 30 cents for every one. The waitress comes back with a steering wheel and screws it into the table. She hits a button and the wall where we're sitting opens like a garage door. The barstools attach to the table and she gives it a shove and we're rolling outside. Now, I've never driven a table home, & I'm asking her how I'm supposed to drive this?! She says "There is no reverse so you will have to turn it all the way around to change directions." When you need to stop, everyone has to drag their feet." I am cracking up. It has to be a joke. Next thing I know I'm driving a 6 foot diameter wooden table Flintstone mobile, with crowded barstools filled with friends and relatives down 82nd Street. A 7 lane major street with a speed limit of 45 mph. Probably going about 20 mph. All the while I'm thinking I must be dreaming. (I was. LOL) We get to this huge house. Gorgeous house. WAY out of our real world league. The evening went on and everyone was swimming, having a good time. My brother, who has a full grown son who is severely autistic, was asked how old Matthew is. Larry said he was 16. (Matt can swim but in the dream was swimming & diving like an Olympian.) I said "Larry, he's 33." Of course he argued with me. LOL I told him that his son & my son Chad were 3 yrs & 3 min apart and Chad JUST turned 36 (THAT is a reality fact.LOL)
Larry didn't have anything to say for a change (not a reality based fact.He ALWAYS has some kinda comeback! ) There were other silly things like the dogs we had (3 large black labs) swimming then jumping in the hot tub. A round bar table parked in a driveway from a town in Kansas at house in Texas.

That is a far cry better than some of the dreams I have been having. Some very disturbing and scary dreams. What I remember most about this dream is that I felt happy and lighthearted...something I am not most of the time. Inside anyway. I can put on a good face.

This cat is driving us nuts. When I got up this morning, all the doors in the house were shut except mine. I heard Calli outside crying to get in. A cold front blew through last night. I think it was about 55 degrees. I guess she thought it was cold. LOL It was a little chilly, but felt SO good. I let her in & she runs straight down the hall to WHAT? Yes. This wasn't a gift. It was what was left of a meal. A massacre. A sparrow....or something that had feathers. UGH. I don't know if she ate all of it or drug in part of it. All that was left was a part & a lot of feathers. OMG. I'm so sick of this. I am afraid she is going to bring in a disease or catch something. It's just too disgusting. Tom is sick of it. I know the girls like the cat, but she won't let you like her. Maybe she should just be a farm cat. Get the girls a kitten they can raise that will love them like they would love her. I don't know.

No pics. Just wishing you a good night/good morning.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Just a quiet, cloudy calm day. Tom's been doing some laundry & cleaned his room, the girls cleaaned theirs. I've got roast, carrot & potatoes in the oven. Can't wait till it's ready.

Seems Tom has a secret admirerer. Last night someone left a long stemmed yellow rose & a card on the windshield of his car. He thinks he knows who it is.

It's mostly cloudy. You can feel the seasons changing. Even in the daytime, but especially at night. The wind rusting through the elms and maple leaves that are dying. It'll take an especially cool night to get the rest of the trees turning. That won't be long though. I'm ready for autumn. It's my favorite time of year.

When I was 4 and my mom went to work in the local Rexall Drugstore, I needed a sitter of course. There was a mexican family, friends of my parents. I was raised in a very small town. I believe there were 3 hispanic families, and 2 black families. It was a time when prejudices ran very high in this country. But not in our little town. There was no segregation (that I can recall) and we all played together. The Durans, Jo(sephine) specifically & Ab(elino) the parents the family that took me in after school. A lot of weekends. They have 5 kids Lola, Linda & Lydia (twins) Cecilia (my age) & Tony-the only boy 2 yrs younger. They became my 2nd family. My home away from home. My 5 siblings I had other than my only brother. Jo was my sitter from age 4 till 3rd grade. They were Catholic & back then they didn't eat meat on Friday. We were stictly beef & chicken & a little pork people. LOL So Mama Jo would fix ME a piece of fried chicken on Friday, or a sandwich. Cecilia would be SO mad because she had to eat fish and she did NOT like fish either. Poor Sis. Our big "sisters" taught us dance. To jitterbug. To do the dances of the day. They had wooden floors. I LOVED sliding around the floors in our stocking feet. Mama Jo would push the dining room table to the windows so we'd have the whole dining room to dance. Some train tracks ran behind their house. Cece & I would walk for hours down the tracks. Walking sticks in hand. Hunting turtles and horned toads. Jo always told us to get very far away from any passing trains as the train would suck us under them. LOL I had some of the very best times of my lives with my mexican family. Daddy Ab would always talk to Jo & the older girls in spanish. He wanted us younger kids to learn. Cece & Tony could understand a lot, but didn't speak much at all. We probably all know about the same about of Spanish that we had to take in school. Well, Jo passed away some years ago. When I went back to KS after I married in 1972, I often went to their house, as Cecilia & her young son (she married while we were in HS) were usually there. When she moved away and her Mom got so sick-I kind of stopped going to their house. It killed me to see that vital, strong energetic woman so sick. I always saw Ab "uptown". Either at the drugstore having coffee. Or if I had to go to the post office, I'd stop in the Gas Office if his truck was there and say hello. After Jo died, he rarely stayed home. Too lonely I guess. I'd see him somewhere. He never stopped sending us a Christmas card. I never lost the love or closeness I felt for them. Ab's health has been failing for years. But he fought it. The last time I saw him was in Vegas in 2oo6 when a bunch of people from Anthony went out on a charter & Rich & I went out because my brother & sisterinlaw were going and I knew Cece & her hubby from WA and Tony would be there. I never dreamed that Ab would be there and he saw me in the hall of our hotel first!! BARBARELLA!! He had called me Barbarella long before the movie came out. I was thrilled beyond thrilled that he was able to make that trip. I was so happy to spend time with my second family. Well I dont know how I never got informed that Ab had taken a turn for the worse in July. He passed at the end of last month. I didn't find out until the day before the funeral. I was totally devastated. It was like losing my father again. Cecilia and her husband have been inundated all summer as they made the move from Washington state to Texas and had a house built and had to move again. I just wish I had known. Living 500 miles from your hometown and having only my brother & brother inlaw that I stay in touch with basically, kinda sucks. I found Tony on facebook, so maybe I can catch up with the goings on up there a little more.

I'm sure you all are wondering what our huntress Calli has been up to? I can't remember if she had brought in the dead mouse that was in full rigor in my last entry. Since then she hadn't brought anything in. Tom caught her with a dove, but stopped her before she got it in the house. Well, she never came in this evening. She comes home usually about 8:30-9:00pm. I called her several times, Rich called her several times. We looked in the house in the places she usually sleeps. I never found her. She has bells on her collar (unless she's lost yet another one.) I never heard her come in. About 10 or so, I thought I heard her collar bells so I went back into the girls room. She sometimes hides under the bed. Sure enough, there was Calli. Curled up at the head of the bed on Shelby's pillow. I had a flashlight. THANK GOD, because right in the middle of the floor was a small decapitated rat. And some other"stuff" I won't describep- too graphic. I took photo to show Tom, but I'll be damned I cannot find my camera now. I guess someone didn't want me posting that picture on my blog!!! Poor Rich he had to clean it up and he is not good with bloody animals, vomit, and poopy diapers....things of that nature. LOL You never saw a man who could change a poopy diaper SO fast because he was holding his breath the whole time. LOL

Why can't I have an entry full of flowers and happy thin Gs-instead of blood and gore. And Halloween is coming. Tom's favorite time of the year to decorate. Maybe I should start hanging Calli's kills from the front porch. EWWWW!

Getting late, as usual. Started this entry on Sunday evening & finish it on Monday mnorning. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the movement into Autumn.
Love you all.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just an entry because I haven't done one in a while.

Typical night(Fri night/Sat a.m) in our household. Me, sitting alone in my little corner. Trying to find a crime show on TV since none of my regular shows are on or they are in rereuns. I'm not TOTALLY alone. DH is in HIS little corner of the house on HIS computer watching yet another movie that he's already seen a dozen times. The dogs are asleep in their cave (under my bed), where they spend most of their lives. Jake is doing better since his surgery but still walking slowly & with a limp. Doesn't act like he is in pain. Glad for that.

The girls (Shelby & Mackenzie are here also, but sound asleep.) Tom & one of his good frineds have gone out to one of the local clubs to watch one of their favorite local bands play. Tom is such a music fan. He plays the guitar well. He likes a lot of different kinds of music too. I think that makes a musician better at what he does. He had a birthday Wednesday, the 2ND. My "baby" is 28. We took him out to eat the night before his birthday, because we figured he would have plans with his friends the next night.

Oh and we have a new "pet". Tommy bought Shelby & Kenzie a Betta fish. His name is Charlie. Tom is such a good Dad. Tom takes them to park often. Swims with them. Both the girls are already doing front and back flips into the pool. He always makes sure he has plenty of time for them.

We also have a new member on my side of the family. My nephew, Mark (my brother's son) and Juliana have a new baby boy born Aug 31. His name Ian and he came into the world weighing 9lb 7 oz. 20 1/2" long. He is a beautiful baby (they live about, oh 700 mi. north of us. So of course I have only seen photos. Ian has a big brother Isaac. I think he's going to be 2 on Oct 31st. They are really going to have their hands full.

For those who don't follow along on Facebook I'll fill you in on what our "kitty" Callie has been up to. Last week one night she brought in a big freakin RAT. Yes, I said it- R A T! Thank GOD it was dead. I was the only one at home/awake at the tine. I put it in a shoe box and put rubberbands around it and put it in the outside garbage. She also brought in a young (very ) blue jay. I aso got to pick it up & get rid of it. A couple of nights after the rat, it was a small, not yet quite dead mouse. She took it straight into the girls' room & it got loose under their bed. The girls were asleep but I wasn't about to lose that mouse. Calli captured it again & it got loose & managed to escap under a beach towel. Luckily I have an expandable lightstick (like an antenna) with a maagnet on top of it. I'm whispering (loud & panicky for Tom to grab the beach towel. Which he did & caught le` mouse. LOL It was nearly dead by then, so he had to put it out of it's misery. This morning after the girls were gone to school-everyone went back to sleep for a nap. Rich was zonked out in the bed. Tom was crashed in his. I had JUST drifted off on the couch I'm so tired lately but afraid to sleep too much during the day. Anyway I hear Calli coming in; a whole lot of commotion and BANG something hitting the back door. Well, dear huntress had brought in an un-dead dove. It flew down the hall, hit the wall and turned and flew back into the "BAM" back storm door. There was dove blood on the wall in the hall and about a bushel of feathers strewn from one end of the house to other. Rich got up & disposed of half dead bird. I don't know what he did with, but told me it wouldn't be escaping again. Is there ANY way sure way of stopping a cat from hunting--other than keeping her held hostage, please let me know. I am personally tired of being the one that has to uhm, dispense her "gifts." LOL

We have no "Labor Day" weekend plans. Rich cooked some awesome babyback ribs the other night. So we won't be having ribs. Texas Tech is playing some non conference nobody (to me)school and it looks like rain, so we probably won't be going to that & it's not on TV. We're invited to a big party at a friend's house--the problem in that is he lives in California and we live in Texas...but ONE of these days we'll make it. His parties are "epic" I hear.

We had glorious rains Thursday night and Friday morning one HECK of a thunderstorm. It was raining, thundering and lightning like the end of the world. The girls were waiting on the front porch for Tom to pull the van into the drive and one of those instant over head thunders BOOMED so loud it shook the windows. Kenz was so startled she started to cry. It WAS a pretty awesome sound. We needed the rain so desperately though. One of the thunders at the beginning of the storm sent Calli across the backyard like a blur. LOL No problem getting her to come in the house the first time Shelby called her then!!

If you're having a big barbecue/party this weekend...please be safe.
Love you all. Enjoy this last weekend of summer.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation-Otherwise known as a week away from home.

Well, I pissed & moaned till I got a vacation-well, a week away from home. Yes, it was my idea to take Tom & the girls. I wanted to go to San Diego to Sea World. We DO have one in San Antonio but the humidity down there is killer. SO it was decided we'd go west. Problem was, Jake's (our dog)surgery. He didn't do as well as we had thought he would do. The 2 main things were, he wasn't coming out of his hiding place and he was not eating (or pooping). It had been 3 days. Finally Rich made steak on the grill that 3rd night & he sure came out & sat at the table with us then. We waited a few more days until was sure he would be able to get in & out of the doggie door & he would eat something other than steak or can dog food. I guess we left last Tuesday.

We drove to Flagstaff, AZ and spent the night there. From there we drove to the Grand Canyon. It was my 2nd time there. OMG, if that isn't proof there is a God, then nothing is. We saw so much more there than the landscape too. On the way in we saw mule deer on the side of the road. Birds, insects, chipmunks and this cool squirrel. Like no other I'ver ever seen. I haven't uploaded his pic. I hope it comes out. I wasn't sure how the girls would react to the whole "grand scheme" of things. Shelby was especially taken by it. Poor Kenzie had a pretty bad foot blister & we all know how distracting foot pain can be. Shelby loved pointing out things & showing us ALL things we might not have seen. We got to see some Native American dancing. I did well walking in sneakers, but I have TERRIBLE balance & nearly fell on my ass a few times. LOL I even scared EVERYONE around me and that is when I decided to stay far back from the edge. I had more hands grabbing for me than at a Brittney concert. LOLOL Back on the road again to drive back down towards the Phoenix area. I wasn't feeling good that night. It wasn't that warm at the Canyon. I don't think it was the heat.

To tell ya the truth I don't even know where we were at. Some suburb of Phoenix. Tom called his ex-wife, Morgan to tell here we were AZ and when did she want to get together & see Shelby & Kenzie. And let Tom spend some Time with Addison (Addi). We told her we would be in Phoenix the next day & they recommended a hotel near her husband's parents'. As soon as we pulled in and checked in, Morgan, her hubby Aaron, Addi & their baby Sydnee (Shelby & Kenzie's half sister whom they hadn't met yet) were there in about 5 minutes!! It was a nice reunion for them right there. Morgan was emotional. Happy to see her girls all together-bittersweet for her, as she had suffered a miscarriage. I was happy that we were able to get them together as I know how hard it was for her. They all went on to Morgan & Aaron's and Rich & I stayed in & cooled off, as it was 116 that day!

Shelby & Kenzie got to spend the night with them then Mogan brought them back to the hotel the next day around 11am. They went swimming a while then all of us went to a Mall. It was a a very nice mall & we had fun shopping, eating lunch & the girls had an absolute blast playing in the Children's playground area. I teared up once while we were eating. It was Morgan, Tommy, their 3 daughters and Rich & I and I thought...this is how it should have been. I know, I know. That is selfish of me. But I still wish things could have worked out. Yes she broke Tommy's heart but she gave us 3 beautiful girls that are extensions of our family. How can we not still have feelings for her. I still feel the same for Chad's wife. Ashley's mother. Yes, I love Chad's wife now and I adore their daughter Hailey but his first wife gave us our first grandchild. She will always have a little corner in my heart too. Anyway, it is what it is. They were over 21. I still think it's too damned easy in this country to get a divorce.

That 2nd night, Richard & Tom went to the Cheesecake Factory & got me a slice of "Stefani's special Red Velvet Cheesecake" since I didn't have a birthday cake (the 29th). If you haven't had it (and it was first experience) it was 2 layers of cheesecake layered with 2 of regular red velvet cake. The top & sides were iced with buttercream icing & the sides were coated with small white chocolate curls. O M G. It was HUGE. WHY there isn't a Cheesecake Factory in this town is beyond me. There was NO way I could eat it all so I had the rest for breakfast. Not very good for a diabetic, but I was being good most of the time. LOL

The next day it was on to Las Vegas. At that point....I was feeling like doggie doo. We got to Vegas on a Friday of course. Hotels being higher then than any other time, but it was just how the timing of the trip turned out. I also hate Vegas on the weekend because there always seems to be twice as many people there. Rich, Tom & the girls went running around a little then brought them back. I stayed in the room with a VERY VERY upset stomach and they went to gamble. Rich came back and Tom came in late. The next day we all took turns going out and about. We all went over to the Mandalay Bay to their Aqaurium. We had lunch at a very nice Mexican Restaurant. The girls loved the Aquarium and especially touching the sting rays and horseshoe crabs. It was truly fun. It was too hot though. I did some gambling while the guys and girls went downtown. We were staying at the Excalibur on the south end of the Strip. I went back up to the room and waited on them to come down. Tom & I gambled some a little later. None of us did very good. Rich came out ahead I think. I had been stashing some cash for gambling and came home with some of it. While Tom, Rich & the girls were out and about Richard bought me a white leather purse and I love it. He hadn't gotten me anything really for my birthday, but I told him I didn't expect him too since we were on the trip. He knows I have been shopping for a white leather purse and for him to take the time to go into a hotel and go shopping for me...well that was pretty darn special. AND I LIKE IT! LOL He wanted to stay another day or two, but I was just worn out & ready to go home. Usually he has to drag me outta Vegas. I have to admit I was a little worried about Jake (Frodo too) but my daughter & her boyfriend were coming to the house at least twice a day. We got home and the doggies were SO happy to see us. The cat, Calli, not so much. It was SO funny. She was in the front yard & she would not let ANYONE touch her--except Tommy. Not knowing a lot about cats, I think that is pretty understandable. She IS HIS cat.

Oh my gosh, my hibiscus' bloomed while we were gone. I guess we had some wild weather & quite a bit of rain while we were gone. I have had many hibiscus and they have always been beautiful. I ordered these from QVC....5 of them. Only 3 of them survived-they were approximately 4" high when we got them about 3 months ago. Now they are between 3 and 4 FEET high. In the past my biggest blooms were over 6". The SMALLEST of these blooms are about 8 1/2" and the largest was 10". I was FLOORED. I have never seen ANY flower that large.

Richard had extended our privacy fence from the back of the house to the front on the west side. For more strorage & probably putting one of his classic cars there to store and/or work on. He had been putting an aluminum roof on it and 2 of the pieces blew off during one of the storms while we were gone. Heard we had 80 mph winds that night. I'm surprised it didn't rip the tomatoes clear out of the ground. But they are doing great. In fact we had some in our salads last night.
Well it's good to be home. I'm feeling better. I got on some prilosec. I used to take it and when I ran out of it a while back, I just never took anymore. I have been getting increasing heartburn so I am back on it and it has helped so much. I've gotten some good sleep and am glad to be sleeping in my own bed. However the first place we stayed in only had a 2 bedroom suite with a living room, kitchen/dining room and that place had the most awesome mattresses and nicest sheets I've slept on in years. I believe I could have a spent a week in that bed. LOL

Getting late & I want to try to get some photos on here & on facebook.
Glad to be home. I'll try to get round to your blogs as I go alone.

Love you all. (Can't find the squirrel pic. Will try to find it. LOL) Hugs & Goodnight!!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update on Jake, our Maltipoo

I'm so sad tonight for our little guy. He had his knee surgery this morning (Wed). He is hurting SO much. The inscision is about 8 inches long. So much longer than I thought it would be. The Vet said he should be up walking around tomorrow (Thurs). He did limp around a couple times. Richard carried outside & it was raining very lightly. After a while, Jake just laid down in the grass. I don't know if the damp,cool grass felt good or if he was just too worn out to get up and go back to the house. Rich had to carry him in. I had to bring his water dish to him. Bless his heart he was SO thirsty. I'm praying so hard for a speedy recovery for him. He also has been put on diet. I KNOW that feeling. And he is NOT going to like it. He lost 3 lbs since he hurt his knee, so I have a feeling he will lose some more in the next week, easily. He hasn't touched his food bowl. He wouldn't even take his pills with bits of hot dog.
Speaking of cool and rainy days. The past 3 days have been hot, then at night thunderstorms with nice rain. Last night it started raining in the middle of the night and it has been raining off and on all day. Wonderful slow 70 day with gentle, steady rains that this part of the country needs oh so desperately. Thank you God.
Please get well, little buddy.

Monday, July 20, 2009

July Birthdays & Summer Fun

Well, July is well over half gone. We've had a few birthdays to celebrate and wish Happy Ones to. Let's see, our nephew Andy (Richard's sister's son) had a birthday on the 4th!! What a day to have a birthday to celebrate!

Richard's other sister, Pauline (Polly) had her birthday on the 6th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POLLY! She lives in Missouri but she will be out her (TX) in August. We're anxious to see her.

Our #3 granddaugher (Tom's middle girl) turned 6 on the 11th. Our little 7-11 girl born at 1:11p.m. They were living in Colorado when she was born. They called about 6am to let us know that Morgan (ex daughter in law) was in labor. We drove like crazy people hoping to get there in time. I think we missed it by about an hour & 1/2. I was just getting over a foot surgery of course. But I got to stay a week with the kids. Shelby was just about 22 mos at the time. I was thrilled to be there that week. Though I think I drove Morgan nuts. We had a luau this year for Kenzie's birthday. Tommy did all the work. I did make her tiki hut cake (but I had to let him try out making some of the icing "leaves" on the roof. He did fantastic! I believe he'd be a natural at cake decorating! He made chicken & beef kabobs on the grill. There was fruit kabobs along with the other food, cake & ice cream. He even saved sparklers for the kids to do after dark. On a sad note, our almost 6 yr old maltipoo, Jake jumped off our daughter's lap that night & injured his left hind leg. It was a weekend & our vet refers weekend patients to the Emergency Animal Clinic. One of the very reasons that I am thinking seriously about changings Vets. They didn't even xray Jake's leg. I didn't go, but I should have. Rich should have insisted they xray the leg. They diagnosed it as a bad pull or tear of a ligament. Said there is an expensive operation to repair it but was only 50/50 that it would be a success. So what, he is supposed to limp all his life. We delayed taking him to the regular Vet as he seemed to really be iproving over the next couple of days. Then Wed. the trash truck came down the alley. HIS alley (he thinks-LOL). Jake HAS to run out and bark at him, which he did & I KNOW aggrivated his leg again. He is putting weight on it when he walks now & you can touch the leg without him crying or jerking away, so he is better. I still want to take him to Vet though for a REAL diagnosis.

Our #5 granddaughter, Hailey Rae (Chad & Malizza's daughter) had her 2nd birthday, July 17th. They had her birthday at Chuck E Cheese Pizza. The kids had a blast. Hailey seemed to really enjoy herself. We got her a tricycle, though I haven't gotten to see it in action. LOL I also got her an outfit & 2 pair of earrings. I love the pizza there & I don't know why I never think to get one from there. So the only time I get it is at a birthday party! LOL Her birthday party theme was Blues Clues and her cake (from a bakery) was a very cute one with "Blue" (a dog for those of you who don't watch Blues Clues) on it. And tasted SO good. Malizza, if you're reading this---Have Chad send me some birthday party pics. I know the ones I took with my phone aren't the greatest. I'm not even sure I know how to get them on the computer, though I'm sure one of my kids does. LOL

Last of the birthdays this month, will be mine. Big Whoop. I'll be (cough cough) 55 on the 29th. Rich will be on vacation and I hope the hell we'll be out this town. I haven't had a vacation in 3 years and I BETTER get one. I want to go to San Diego. He wants to go to Vegas. I HATE Vegas in the summer. The LAST time we were there was one of the hottest summers on record - of COURSE! I got so sick from the heat, walking around. I told him, a stopover in Vegas wouldn't be out of the question as long as I get to park my ass in front of a slot machine or Pai Gow poker table. LOL There's some show going on out there he wants to see. IF we can even get tix. I don't know.

That's about all I know for now. I'll try to add some photos to this entry. My computer crahsed while I was uploading the ones from my camera. Ahhhh technology. LOL Have a good week!!

(I think if you hold your cursor over the photo it tells who or what's in the photo)

Calli. Taking a break from the summer heat with her "friend" (or snack???), Donald.
Frodo (long hair chihuahua) Jake (Maltipoo)Kenzie & Daddy (Tommy)
Can't tell they are related. LOL You have to be VERY quick to catch that smile on camera.
Tom tries his hand at making leaves. The Tiki Hut for Kenzie's luau.
Time to blow out those candles!!

Kenzie & Shelby enjoying the pool.Hailey on the steps!

Monday, July 6, 2009

"These Dreams Go On When I Close My Eyes"


I have to write about These Dreams. I am a vivid dreamer. If I were only a writer I could write volumes of short stories because none of them are really related. Or ARE they? I think they prove my insanity.LOL Only an insane person could dream up such wild things. Or maybe they are a release for me to KEEP my sanity. I've always walked the razor's edge. A psychology teacher told me once, if you think you're insane you're not for the insane do NOT know they are. I don't know about that. Of course that was what seems like a hundred years ago. There has been hundred of advances in the advance of the diaganosis & treatment of mental illnesses.
I've always had a vivid imagination. I had to. I had to escape the 2a.m. nightmares of my Dad coming home drunk. If I successfully feigned sleep I could escape the belt for some real or imagined transgression. My dreams a child were not bad ones. Just "flights of fancy." I think they were my escape from the nightmares I endured during the day. Besides my Dad I had to deal with the brother from Hilarity Hell. He lived to torture me. Thought it was all in good fun. Nothing like waking up at 11 or 12 o'clock at night with your brother's hands squeezing around your neck with just enough pressure to feel it. And acting like he's gone crazy enough to kill you. He did THAT one more than once even though I knew it was an "act" how was I to know if he'd really snapped? I don't know how many times I had to become hysterical before he would laugh & let me go. Other of his many "gags" were taking one of my dad's souvenir WWII bayonettes sheathed sometimes, sometimes not & awake me pretending he'd been stabbed with the bayonette run through his shirt and blood or paint running from the wound. I was about 10 or 12 yrs old. It's easy to terrorize a deeply sleeping child when you awaken them suddenly acting a crazed fool. Did my brother get punished? Not really. No one ever saw what he did to me. For years I panicked if anyone touched my neck or woke me suddenly. Still my dreams were not bad ones.

It is only in the middle of my life when the bad and weird and absolutely crazy dreams began. I don't know when exactly that they changed. They just did. From happy field of wildflowers, to fires and floods, murder and monsters. Blood and rape, frenzy and terror. Being chased. Running. A lot of running. The insanity. The absolute way they make no sense at all. I have given up trying to analyze them. I used to try to write them down, but they are always so long (or so it seems) & SO detailed. One person would be a star in the dream & change into someone else. I would awake, go back to sleep & the dream picks back up where it left off. Or have the same dream every night with a chapter added to it. It just amazes me. Sometime, i know what influenced a certain dream. I watched the movie Beowulf the other night and of course that night I dreamed of monsters like Grendel. Those dreams seems to make sense. A few nights ago I dreamed of finding a magic water. My DH, myself & a 3rd party invented a new soda. This water renewed itself so we could make endless amounts of this "new soda." Trouble was, besides this very flavorful, addicting soda, it did amazing things to people. Different things. Explicit things, graphic things, incredible things, terrible things. It could only be sold in very small amounts or the effects would be dramatically better-or worse. Before the dream was over all kinds of hell had broken loose. I could go on & on with more boring but chaotic dreams. I just wish someone could crawl in my head & make sense of some of the shit. Anyway...I'm off to dream again.
Photobucket Thank you Missie (chat2missie) for the wonderful Bee siggy tags. She is the best!

These Dreams
Spare a little candle
Save some light for me
Figures up ahead
Moving in the trees
White skin in linen
Perfume on my wrist
And the full moon that hangs over these dreams in the mist

[[[[[[[[note that this paragraph was not in the version that I liked the most]]]]]]]]
Darkness on the edgeShadows where I stand
I search for the time On a watch with no hands
I want to see you clearly
Come closer than this
But all I remember are the dreams in the mist

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside
Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away
Is it cloak 'n dagger
Could it be spring or fall
I walk without a cutThrough a stained glass wall
Weaker in my eyesight
The candle in my grip
And words that have no form
Are falling from my lips

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside
Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away

There's something out there
I can't resist
I need to hide away from the pain
There's something out there
I can't resist
The sweetest song is silence
That I've ever heard
Funny how your feet
In dreams never touch the earth
In a wood full of princes
Freedom is a kiss
But the prince hides his face
From dreams in the mist

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside
Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away
These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside
Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away


Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day - Please make it a safe one.


Good Afternoon everyone & a fine hot day/weekeknd it will be. I feel very strongly about the right to celebrate this country's freedom. It'S NOt just not supposed to be a long weekend to run off & grill burgers, take a long weekend & watch some magnificent fireworks. Few of us think about what those rocket's red glare mean to this country's past. How many lives were lost to lay down this freedom? How many won't be home this weekend manning the grill because they are out there laying the groundwork for more freedom in this world for those who don't have it? Thank you America. Thank you fighters of freedom. Thank you all who help every day to make my life so easy. Yes, yes, yes. Go out.Fire up your grills, take that 4 day trip, and when you're watching those glorious fireworks from wherever you are, say a prayer for the safety of those protecting our freedom, fighting for someone else's. And here comes my obliglatory, PLEASE PLEASE for God's sake. Stay sober. Or have a designated driver.AND mind your city/town's fireworks laws. LOL (My civil service for the weekend.)
I am sure my fireworks celebration will dull as unbuttered toast. DH usually has to work. Well, he doesn't HAVE to - he could take the day off but woul not get the Holiday Pay. The have to work the day before & the day after a Holiday to get holiday pay. Tom usually takes the girls out to a friend's house that have a 4th party. They live out of the city limits where it is legal to set off fireworks. They aren't this year though as they have a new baby.

More than likely Rich (DH) will be at work. Tom has plans all weekend. They DO include the girls. There is a parade & street fair downtown. I would LOVE to go. I haven't been in several years. it is usually wicked hot ; at least there you can get a HOTdog. We shall see.

ORTHO doc visit Thursday went far differently than I thought it would. The night before those two toes that have been giving me hell and my whole foot were swollen. I had been up a little longer than I probably should have. I mean, my God, it's been over a month. I SHOULD be able to be up on my feet all day if I want. Apparently it was too long. When I went to the DR, he thought it was doing great. I said, "What??" I said look at the redness, the swelling of the two toes. He went on to give me the DR babble pep talk which I took with a grain of salt. Yeah, he's supposed to be the best there is at what he does & I, nothing but a patient with my own ideas. Guess that is why HE gets paid the big bucks. So the report was good. He said I can try to wear a regular tennis shoe this weekend and go swimming whenever I want. YAY! He DID prescribe another round of antibiotics and a pack methylPREDNISolone-6 days worth. Fibromyalgia was brought up. I didn't bring it up, Richard did. All my painful points everywhere on my body. Doc said he's suspected I had it but I have been on several drugs that are used to treat it for my other pain symptoms, and they haven't helped. My trigger points seem to be getting worse and so Doc decided to Rx'd a new drug for firbromyalgia, Savelle. It just came out in March so he is excited for me to try it. Of course, my pharmacy doesn't even have it in, so I have to wait until Monday. Enough of that. All I can do is trust him at his word.

My sainted son, Tom, just fixed fab supper. Grilled chicken with pineapple. Alligator bites: opened & seeded jalapenos filled w/cream cheese, cheddar, or mexican blend (or your fav), a bit of chicken (make sure you cook throuroughly if using raw bits as we do). U put the top back on the jalapeno(we slice lengthwise) and wrap with a stip of bacon; secure w/toothpick & grill till it's done. OMG.These are the best ever. To me they aren't spicy at all because it's the seed & membrane that give jalapenos their heat. I LOVE them. I love bacon on anything too. T had 2 extra slices of bacon and grilled them alone for the girls. I took a bite & told him that I think this is the ONLY way bacon should be cooked. LOL Can you imagine firing up the grill every morning for breakfast. (Shows how much I go camping.)
Grilled some slices of fresh pineapple. By the way after he cored & sliced the pineapple with our handy dandy tool that does it that I got from QVC, he put the boneless skinless breasts in the pineapple "skin" and let it marinate in there till he cooked it. OMG that chicken was sooo juicy and tender!! I go on don't I? Anyway we had a yummy lite summer dinner and the girls ate like they hadn't eaten all day.

I woke up with a summer cold. It was almost funny if it weren't so annoying. I sneezed all day-in 3s. Every time I sneezed, I sneezed 3 times. I'm not usually a multiple sneezer. And EVERY time-3 sneezes. Until after dinner. I'm down 1 sneeze at a time & a head stuffed with cotton & a nose running like a leaky faucet. Joy. Not.

Well, again, I'm outta here. Have a safe and fun weekend and wave a sparkler for me!!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP Michael and Farrah



Yes, I am writing about the loss of Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett. Two icons in their own right gone far too soon. I am already SICK of the SICK jokes going around about the two of them and I don't want to hear any more of them.
It's one thing to disrespect someone in life, that can defend themselves...but less than 24 hours after they are gone, I think is just plain mean spirited. Yes both of them were far from "our" definition of normal. What IS normal? Am I normal .... ahhh, no. Are you? I am so disgusted at the names they have branded upon the Hollywood and Music World elite. They are people whose destiny took them down a road that few travel upon.
Michael Jackson was scrutinized by everyone, everywhere from the first time he walked on a stage. Where were all these so called friends & fans of his when he was on trial for molestation? Did he molest little boys? I don't know. I wasn't there. I don't think many were. That's between him & his maker. I am sitting here watching his videos on several different channels. "Scream [Stop Pressuring Me]" & "Leave Me Alone"; two songs that say it all. He just wanted to make his music. Live his life. I know from what I've heard from tv & radio that he had a lot of chronic pain. A lot of that stemming from the fire in the Pepsi commercial. If you have never suffered chronic pain or been inclined to addiction, how can we understand. I hope he didn't suffer at the end. I know he's out of pain now. He's in heaven with his baby brother, Brandon who died the day of his birth. Brandon was Marlon's twin.
As for Farrah Fawcett. She suffered mightily & fought the good fight. I was thrilled when Ryan ONeal said they would be married and heartbroken that it didn't happen before she passed. Did you know when she was one month old she had surgery for a digestive tract tumor? She was born in Galveston TX. So of course we (Texans) claim her as our own. She certainly may not have had an impact on the world like the "King of Pop" did, but she came into our homes often. As one of Charlie's Angels, as the abused wife & mother of the "Burning Bed", etc. Apparently she had demons of her own to battle. I hope she too is resting in peace. Out of pain.
Anyway, that's my 2 cents on the matter.
Thursday afternoon we had a houseful of company. All the kids, then one of Richard's nephews, his wife, one of their sons, their daughter & her boyfriend-all moved back out here from the Phoenix area. 15 of us to eat (burgers off the grill) and swim. Well I couldn't swim of course. I was on my feet longer than I had been in the past few weeks. I was worn out by the time they all left. I guess my late nights finally caught up with me because since Friday morning when I went to bed till 11am I slept a total of 22 hours. I probably should try to get back to bed earlier tonight.
Hope you and yours are having a good weekend. Until next time.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Free Feet - Kinda

Went to the Doc last Thurs. (The 18th) When the nurse took off the bandaging, she didn't think it looked all that great. That 2nd & 3rd toe (the troublemakers) were really swollen and deep red. However...with my foot up in the air sone of that redness subsided, so that was a relief. The 3rd toe, the one they took the pin out of early is crooked. He taped it, showed me how to tape it & taped the 1st 2 toes together. Told me I can walk without the crutches or can as long as it's not swelling or bothering me. I am using the cane most of the time.
Life seems to passing us by as usual. Things to be done everyday. I have been pretty useless up to this point but think I am finally on the mend. Rich, Tom & the girls have something up everyday.
Father's Day was nice. All the kids were here. If I had known they were all going to be here at the same time, we could've cooked out something. Robin & AJ said they would "probably be by" and Chad & Malizza & Hailey just came over. Ashley is still in WA. The girls really miss her. I had a card made for Tommy with a photo of his 3 daughters on the front & on the inside a photo of some of my tulips he'd taken then on the back of the card a small photo of him with Kenzie & Shelby. I also had a tall coffee mug made, with a close up Kenzie's & Shelby's faces tiled all over it. Very neat.I think he liked them. Chad & Tom mowed and did yard work. I must brag that my yard is looking better every day. It's a miracle what a working sprinkler system (thanks to Hubby, AJ, & Tommy & our nephew, Andy), some good rains, and $$$ in fertilizers & insecticides and weed killers will do. The front is patchy under the Oak tree but looks SO much better because Tom got some fescue to grow under it. It's slow spreading.
We are going to have to get a new roof from the hail we had a few weeks ago. Rich has this thing about metal roofs. He thinks they look cool. A lot more people are getting them. I think we will have to look into that before I'd do it. I just wonder how THEY hold up under hail like we had. I can see, like siding, the advatages of it. I really think that the siding we had put on has helped. Our electricity bill has been lower than usual for this time of year. So far. (Fingers crossed).
Nothing exciting to report, so I will keep this short & sweet. Hope all is well with you and yours and not too hot or stormy where you are.
Thank you all for all of you who have hung in with me. I appreciate all your prayers & well wishes. I know I'm here thanks to you guys.