Thursday, October 23, 2008


PhotobucketThought I'd write a little and try to keep up with the rest of the world. Been a pretty Autumn week. I think it's my favotie sweater. Monday I went & got my nails done. Did a little Christmas shopping. I want to get it done earlier this year. Tuesday I had a checkup. I had quite a bit of blood in my urine last week, so didn't call the Dr since I had an appointment.Got my flu shot, Rx for some hormones. Rich seems to think that the fact that I don't have ANY female hormone has to do with ny "craaazzzinesss." LOL Hell, I'd been on HRT since my hysterctomy in'88. I figured I'd taken enough. Guess I quit abt, 3 yrs agi, The DR said since there was no real threat of breast cancer in my family he thought I should be on some. So we'll see. I've been having some pretty wild mood swings. So we'll try this first. Rich grilled steaks out on the grill that night. We had a whole steak leftover.Tom slices it thin and makes fajita stk out of it, So that 's what we had for dinner tonight. With all the fixings. Yum.
Rich had a DRs appointment today also. He has been dragging around for weeks. He had that cough/congestion we all had a couple weeks ago. He got a flu shot & a shot of B12. He's going back to get another shot next week. Well, Rich got the CUTE nurse today. I'm telling you SHE LOOKS like a Barbie. And her name IS BARBIE!! When I first started going to this DR I pumped her for all the info. Are you married?
Do you have kids, etc. You know my son Tom still is single. Well this was about 1 1/2 yrs ago, maybe longer & she was still married. So today being the first day Rich got Barbie for his nurse he gave her the full quiz. LOLOL Found out she's been DIVORCED about 6 mos. I think she has a 7 yr old boy. Perfect! So Rich tells her all about Tommy & what a good dad he is etc. Then asks her "Think you'd want a date?"She said "Sure!" Hopefully Tom will go back with Rich next week and get his flu shot when Rich gets his B12 shot!! LOL I told Rich I'm ready to send out the wedding invitations. LMAO. He said WHooooa, They may not have a thing in common.
I lost a paragraph somehwhere. I'll retype it & it'll show up. I KNOW I had more to write about. OH! Price of gas here. I saw $2.56. Cheapest I've seen. If a barrel of oil is worth half what it was, why hasn't the price of gas gone done 1/2 price.
That's all for tonight. Love y'all


Friday, October 10, 2008

OKAY, I'm here. Gimme a beer or SOMETHIN!!! LOL

OKAY. I think I'm here. I'm obviously not a spammer, so they let me back in. But both of my blogs have the same name so I "hid" my AOL Journal that I moved over here, so if anyone wants to go back (I don't know why they would, but it's here. LOL I'm exhausted and if I had any sense I would be in bed. I stayed up late because Tom was home to get the girls off to school. Rich was up and off to a DR appointment, so I decided to sleep in. Richard came in and said, Barb you're late for YOUR DR appointment. LOL I looked at the calendar wrong, but so did he . LOL Thank God I had already showered and only had to throw on some makeup and clothes and put my hair up in a clip, call the DRs office and tell them I would be about 20-30 min late (he's the DOC that I wait sometimes 3 or 4 hours to see) so I wasn't too worried about being 20 min late. Rich went with me (he's such a sweetie) after we got out of there (AT 1:40pm -from an 11am appt)we went to a place called The Cotton Patch. Split a chicken fried steak lunch. More food that any one person should be eating. Got back to the house. Tom was going to pick up the girls from school. I was getting a headache and my foot was aching. I laid down on the couch to watch the Sopranos on A&E. Yes, I'm an avid. SICK Sopranos fan. LOL I usually fall asleep after it's over and the characters are always showing up in my dreams. LOL Ashley (oldest grand) was here for a couple days. She's moved from 5th grade over to what used to be JR High and is now 6th, 7th & 8th. She had her first formal choir concert. They all wear the same dresses...the bodice is black velvet with a sweetheart neckline & the skirt part is I think what you call taffeta, or satina's not shiny like satin. (black also) with a satin ribbon dividing the bodice and skirt. I put on one of my necklaces on her. A cross pendant that has 7 chains. I fixed her hair flipped up all over (shoulder length) and pulled it back on top a little & clipped it with a small black bow. God, she looked so grown up and sing? That child has a voice of an angel. I was so shocked how well she sings. The concert was so sweet. Each class girls' choir sang and the boys are combined all three grades. It was AWESOME. I think the 6th graders out sang them all. You don't think I'm prejudiced? Tommy even brought Shelby (6) and Kenzie (5). They SO look up to Ashely.
I hate it that Chad & Malizza left town and missed this concert. He is on vacation this week and they took off Wed with Hailey and went back to Dallas (there were just there 2 weekends ago). I'm taking Ash to the Airport in the morning & she is flying down there tomorrow. I hope they have a good weekend. Chad said they were thinking about going to 6 Flags. I hope they get to.
HERE it is Texas Tech's homecoming & we are looking at about 4 inches of rain. Think I will stay home and watch the game on TV. I have to brag a little bit. I think 5 or 6 of our Big XII are in the top 20 in the nation. Tech is 7th this week. But they have a pretty tough rest of the season to finish out. I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL. I love all football.
OMG, I just looked @ the clock and it is nearly 2:50am. I have GOTTA go to bed.
Luv N Hugs, Barb