Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First Post of 2013


So much has happened to me since Sept '12. Sept 28th I went to the emergency room so sick and with  such low blood pressure I was out of it. Turns out I was septic from a diabetic wound. I was near death at one point. I had to have surgery on my foot. Long story short, it didn't work. I became septic again in November and was worse off than before. It was taking forever for the wounds from the surgery to heal. All the sudden in December the infection took over with a vengeance again & had spread into the bones. The DR immediately said there was no saving that foot. So they slapped me in the hosp on Dec 21 & my amputation of my right foot and a portion of my lower leg was amputated on Christmas day. The healing process has gone smoothly and I am already in the process of getting my prosthetic foot made. All's been going great. I spent 3 weeks in a nursing home/rehab. Home for 2 weeks and here's the bad news for THIS month.
 I had a blood blister on the 2nd toe of my foot. It broke. I was taking care of it I thought and here it is abt 10 days later and over night it turned bright red & swelled like a small sausage. My leg is swollen too. Got in to see my DR yesterday. He put me on antibiotics & told me if it isn't a lot better by Friday I will have to go into the hospital again. I can't lose this foot too. I haven't even adjusted to losing the right one.
I went to the prosthetic place today to get a cast made of my  leg for the cup (*socket) that the stump goes into and should have a foot in one to 2 more weeks. Nervous but anxious. I may end up with 2 of these things so I need to prepare myself. I am a diabetic and very susceptible to infection.
So Autumn and winter were not the best for me. We had planned a big Christmas day with all of our kids and grandchildren here. I think at the time I was more devastated about not having Christmas than I was having my foot amputated.  I guess that is about all about us for now. I say "us"  because it effects us all. I am in a wheelchair for now. If I fall for some reason, I can't get up. If I need to get to the restroom (in a hurry-I know TMI) I need someone to push me beause the house is carpeted. Someone has to drive me, shop for me all the things I haven't been able to do since I first got sick last Sept. That somebody is usually my dear husband (Richard). He's been a saint. He's learned how to do laundry. Cook, shop, babysit the grandkids, etc, etc, etc. So I pray every night and day and thank God for the man He brought into my life nearly 41 years ago. Thanks for reading. That's all for now.