Thursday, October 23, 2008


PhotobucketThought I'd write a little and try to keep up with the rest of the world. Been a pretty Autumn week. I think it's my favotie sweater. Monday I went & got my nails done. Did a little Christmas shopping. I want to get it done earlier this year. Tuesday I had a checkup. I had quite a bit of blood in my urine last week, so didn't call the Dr since I had an appointment.Got my flu shot, Rx for some hormones. Rich seems to think that the fact that I don't have ANY female hormone has to do with ny "craaazzzinesss." LOL Hell, I'd been on HRT since my hysterctomy in'88. I figured I'd taken enough. Guess I quit abt, 3 yrs agi, The DR said since there was no real threat of breast cancer in my family he thought I should be on some. So we'll see. I've been having some pretty wild mood swings. So we'll try this first. Rich grilled steaks out on the grill that night. We had a whole steak leftover.Tom slices it thin and makes fajita stk out of it, So that 's what we had for dinner tonight. With all the fixings. Yum.
Rich had a DRs appointment today also. He has been dragging around for weeks. He had that cough/congestion we all had a couple weeks ago. He got a flu shot & a shot of B12. He's going back to get another shot next week. Well, Rich got the CUTE nurse today. I'm telling you SHE LOOKS like a Barbie. And her name IS BARBIE!! When I first started going to this DR I pumped her for all the info. Are you married?
Do you have kids, etc. You know my son Tom still is single. Well this was about 1 1/2 yrs ago, maybe longer & she was still married. So today being the first day Rich got Barbie for his nurse he gave her the full quiz. LOLOL Found out she's been DIVORCED about 6 mos. I think she has a 7 yr old boy. Perfect! So Rich tells her all about Tommy & what a good dad he is etc. Then asks her "Think you'd want a date?"She said "Sure!" Hopefully Tom will go back with Rich next week and get his flu shot when Rich gets his B12 shot!! LOL I told Rich I'm ready to send out the wedding invitations. LMAO. He said WHooooa, They may not have a thing in common.
I lost a paragraph somehwhere. I'll retype it & it'll show up. I KNOW I had more to write about. OH! Price of gas here. I saw $2.56. Cheapest I've seen. If a barrel of oil is worth half what it was, why hasn't the price of gas gone done 1/2 price.
That's all for tonight. Love y'all



gina said...

gas is coming down around here, too. who would ever thought we'd be happy to see gas at >2 bucks a gallon?? yeah...better wait about those wedding least let them have that first date. lol hope you are feeling better soon.

Sandra said...

I had a hysterectomy in 1988 too and I`ve been on HRT for years, it has been marvellous for all the usual symptoms but I think I`m as crazy as I`ve always! :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Terri said...

Gas here is $ glad it's going down...

Can't wait to hear what happens with Tom and Barbie... =)

Have a good weekend!


Martha said...

You are so funny - still matchmaking! It's so good to have an entry from you! :-)

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Oh my gosh, Barb, you have Rich matchmaking for Tommy two are hoots! What happened with the urine test? Do you have a bladder infection? You know I worry about ya.

LOL at the hormones. Tell me if they work. I only took them for about a month but I was still smoking and worried about strokes so I stopped hormone replacement. If you aren't crazy anymore, lol, maybe I need to get back on them.

Hope you have something good cooking today. Love you, my friend!