Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pain Pain go away

I hate to get on my blog and complain. So if you don't want to listen to me cry & whine log off now. LOL



I'm USED to pain. There isn't a pain pill in the world that will treat MY peripheral neuropathy in my feet completely. It hasn't been diagnosed, the pain in my hands but every one of my fingers and joints in my hands feel like needles & knife cuts from fingertips to the palms of my hands. I have taken 2 pains (2 hrs early). I WANT A DR WHO CAN HELP ME & WON'T STOP UNTIL HE DOES. I have 10 tiny ulcers on one foot. Not a good sign. One on the other foot that has been open for over a year and 2 that forming on the toes the Ortho Doc was supposed to have straightened last spring. They are more curled under than they were before. On 2 of the toes you cant even see my TOES NAILS. My toe nails touch the freaking ground.
My sleep is erratic and I know that this isn't helping me. I was awake till 6:3AM this morning. Slept till about 11. Napped a little this afternoon. My other son, Chad & his daughters, Ashley & Hailey were here or I wouldn't have gotten up when I did, so I'm glad I got up.

Well for those of you who read me on FB, you've heard the news that we are going to be Grandparents again. Our oldest son, Chad & his wife Malizza are expecting again. They have sweet precious Hailey who is two & will be almost 3 when new baby gets here. They also have 13 yr old beautiful Ashley. Malizza is a wonderful, generous Mother. I love her like one of my own. Sometimes I think she doesn't think that. Well, just last Wednesday, Chad & Malizza stopped by. She'd had an ultrasound. Malizza is a nurse. As the person giving the ultrasound was looking all around & asked if the were "ready for this?" Chad said "Is it a girl." Malizza said "No--there are 2 of them!" Malizza started crying & the ultrasound tech showed them their twins. TWINS. I cannot believe it. I am over the moon. They were shocked but I think they are pretty excited. Ashley looked like she might have been in shock a little herself the next day when I saw her. So we'll go from 5 granddaughters to SEVEN grandchildren & if God chooses, maybe a grandson or 2. LOL I am just praying for healthy babies & mom. Chad is still laid off the Railroad. He is probably going to have to go to another state & work a while (the RR has nationwide seniority), so he can keep up their health insurance. We have really good health ins. thank God.
Tom's ex (the one who has his 3rd daughter) & their half sister by her 2nd husband have moved back to Texas from Arizona (where HIS family lives). I hope it the correct decision for them. Morgan got a job with an ATT call Center. I don't know what Aaron is doing.The girls enjoying spending time with their sisters. Morgan & Aaron, Addi (Tom's daughter) & Sydbee will be living at Morgan's moms, with her Mother, and Morgan's 4 siblings that are live at home. Morgan is also pregnant with her 5th child. I hope it isn't too stressful for her , being pregnant. But it will be good for the girls to be all in the same town & see their sisters on a regular basis and for Tom to be able to bond with Addison.whom he has not been able to see but once in the past couple of years. She needs to know her Father is Tom & that Aaron, whom I am certain is a perfectly wonderful person is her step father. I hope my feelings don't upset Morgan, but it is the way that I feel. I would never badmouth her OR Aaron to the girls. We all have to get along so they feel loved and not pulled in one direction or another. I am praying this is all a part of God's plan. I know Morgan has always hated being away from her TX family (who doesn't hate being away from their family?). I hope this brings her peace & helps her have a healthy pregnancy.
Maybe all I needed to do was sit & put word to paper. If you can call blogging that. I am beginning to feel better or all the meds are starting to kick in. The only thing that is absolutely killing me is my head. I KNOW in my head that colds only lasts a few days to a week generally. Well, I feel like I am going on week 4 of a cold. I was really thinking I had it beat a few days & I'll be darned if I didn't wake up coughing & sneezing yesterday morning. And it was worse this morning. Kenzie had strep last week. She's on antibiotics. I hope none of the rest come down with anything this week. I just can't get as sick as i did last year. I can't go through THAT again.


My DVR is almost full & that annoys me. People tell me to DVR something for them, then they never come in to watch it. I DVR a lot of the shows I watch, especially in the shank of the evening with the girls getting their baths & getting ready to bed. You'd think they'd be winding down after a hard day at school or at play, but it seems they get this BURST of adreniline about 30 min before time to bed down. Kenzie has lost her first two baby teeth. She looks so precious. They are off a couple weeks for Christmas break. We will do a lot of coloring.
I've found the perfect way to get them brush their teeth appropriately longer. I tell them it's a contest to see who can get their teeth the whitest! Of course one girl wins every other night or so. Maybe even 2 nights in a row.Tonight it was a tie. They thought that was perfectly hilarious. Shelby is going to need braces & probably should be seeing the Orthodontist NOW. Robin (daughter) started going to the Orthodontist when she was 7 yrs old (Shelby is 8) & kept going till we was ohhh, I think 17.

We had all the kids & spouses over & some friends of ours, Friday night. It's been a tradition for years and years. Since our kids were all little. Last year was my year, but I had just gotten out of the hospital & there was no way i could get the house clean & cooking done. My dear friend, Rita said we'd do it at her house & do all the cooking. So this yr was my year. I fried chicken wings & tenders-left one batch plain, one BBQ, & one Buffalo style. Cocktail smokies in a crescent rolls. Tom took a sheet of mozarella cheese, laid it out with pastrami, salami, & re-hydrated sun dried tomatoes. Rolled it up jellyroll fastion this sliced them. Cruiditie tray with ranch dip. Baked a ham & some frozen rolls to make Ham slider sandwiches. Rich made 3 types of babyback ribs. Baked beans. I made a batch of peanut brittle & chex mix & Tom made choc covored pretzels. For dessert we had a Cheesecake factory cheesecake, a red velvet cake. Rita brought this pecan pie type dessert. I have GOT to get the recipe for that. It was a huge hit. WAY too much food. We sent home leftovers with everyone & have been eating ham all week. It was awesome. I got it at Sam's. It was a Member's Mark Boneless Spiral Sliced ham that came with it's own glaze. I cooked it in the crockpot. YUMMY. Best ham I have ever bought I think. I bought one for ham also & have a small turkey. I don't know if I will make both of them. I had enough food for the neighborhood. I honestly should have started knocking on doors & telling people to come eat!!!

I'm mostly done with Christmas shopping. Haven't wrapped a single gift. Helped box them up & my salvation, Tommy wrapped them. I don't know what I would do without him. When he moves out...whatever will I do. Oh I didn't mention...he's enrolled in school since he is still laid off the RR. He'll start next month. I think he is looking forward to it. I am so excited for him.
I got my last Christmas card written about 5a.m. today, then caught the end of a movie called Lakeview Terrace. Samuel L Jackson has an interracial couple move in next door to him and he DOES NOT LIKE IT. He played a divorced cop with a lot of psychosis. It was pretty intense 7 i couldn't go do bed even though it wasn't over till 6:15am!!
Well, it's just a few more days till the Jolly fat man in the red suit arrives. Do you have traditions that are special in your family at this time of year? I'd love it if you'd leave a comment or a link to a blog entry, sharing your tradition. We have a German tradition we learned from my hubby's parents who of German descent. It's hide the pickle on the Christmas tree. The one who finds it gets an extra present!! I have a glass pickle ornament, though in the old days they used a real pickle! Also, we usually have Christmas breakfast of cinnamon rolls, bacon & eggs if anyone wants those, hot cocoa & coffee. If I cook dinner we eat a late lunch/early dinner. Please feel free to leave me a comment or a link to a blog entry & tell me about some of your traditions at Christmas.
I know I haven't been by your blogs lately. I've been uber busy & uber lazy about blogger. I will try to get by your blogs soon. Please don't think I've forgotten any of you.
Also please let's all say a prayer for those less fortunate & those grieving right now. It's an awful thing to be ill or lose a loved one but especially sad we are preparing for a joyful celebration. My dear friend, Sandra in England who had to put down her beautiful lab, Jake from illness. She is grieving so. My son's best friend, who lost his Uncle this week. My son's close friend Lauryn who is going to college here in Texas, who is taking her 5 yr old lab, Bear back to California to put him down during her Christmas break who is also dying of cancer. I know there are many more out there need our prayers. I am thankful that so far this winter I've managed to stay as well as I can. And let's remember the reason for the season as we celebrate Christ's birth.
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I wish you the Merriest of Christmases & a joyful & bountiful 2010! Love you all.


And a very happy New Year!



ADB said...

Hope you're having a good Christmas all in all, Barb

Missie said...

I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. Today was a pain day for my FM today. Too much excitement yesterday I guess. I'm so excited about the twins!

Morgan said...

We had a wonderful Christmas. Aaron has found a at AT&T as well and will be starting the training class after the first of the year. So far we are being very bless since moving back to Lubbock with jobs. I heard about Malizza and thats really exciting. Maybe you will get those grandsons :) Thank you so much for the gifts for Addison. She really likes the jacket from Wayne and Rita. When did some shopping yesturday and she used her money to get some new shoes (she LOVES shoes) and a Little Mermaid doll. She still has some moeny leftover and we are going to go do some more shopping today. Tom told me about Mary which is really cool she is getting remarried. Sounds like Robin has a great job and my sister has known AJ for awhile and says he is a good guy. Hope you are really enjoying your holiday :)

Gerry said...

I did not happen to see that you had posted another blog entry some time ago. I hope that you are okay now as I am always concerned when I read about what is happening to your feet. I know the littlest pain in my feet can keep me annoyingly awake, so I can understand your difficulty in sleeping when both hands and feet are hurting, but you still manage to get so much done it is amazing. Will be waiting to hear about your holidays. My daughter Ronda took our pictures out to my nephew Tano's house for Christmas day and put them up on Facebook. I am there now (FB) as I go to talk to my daughter and see her photos as well as other people's! Gerry

Shelly said...

I wish you could find a doctor to fix you. I dont' want you to be in so much pain. I hope you are feeling better by now of your sickies. Well, I have started a new Christmas tradition. Lasagna for dinner. I did that this year and it was a huge hit. Everyone wants to do it every year now. lol easy peezy. God bless you my friend. Love ya too!!

Sugar said...

stopped in to wish you a happy (& less pain) new year!!!
do we follow ea other on fb? can't remember having a senior moment. if not, look me up, my fb badge is on my blog.