Thursday, October 22, 2009

Surprise! An Entry!


Another day, another dollar. For someone. Since I don't have a paying job. I was a stay at home Mom for most of the past 37 years. I worked a few temporary jobs. Tried my hand at owning a small business with a woman whose sanity I question than my own-and that's really saying something. LOL I think her demons are far more dangerous and damaging to other people.

I do wish I'd gotten a college education. Maybe that would have impressed upon my children how important it CAN be. Not necessarily everyone wants or needs it. I just loved learning & going to school. I wish I had. I know people older than me go back to school everyday. Not people like me.

So what's going on in your world. I haven't written in a while. Same shit, different day. Not really anything newsworthy to write about. It's just Tom & me during the day, most days-Rich is either at work or sleeping.Tom hasn't gotten called back to the Railroad yet. Not many have. Someone told them that Tom's class and the younger in seniority, probably won't be called back before 2013. He's still drawing his railroad unemployment. He is thinking about school. He HAS been painting. He has done some things I think he should put on Ebay. It's contemporary. Takes him no time to knock them out. I mean, you never know. It's exactly WHY the man should be taking more Art courses. And music. I saw one of his videos of him playing guitar & singing on YouTube & he plays at this bar on Sunday nights when they have Open Mic night. Last week he played guitar with the house band on Dire Straits, Sultans of Swing. Then the song he sang was by the Darkness. I don't know what the song was. Our daughter & her boyfriend went out there that night. She said he was like a star. Her eyes glistened as she told me how well he did & how proud of him she was. Rich & I will have to get a sitter & go out & watch him some night.

I'm SO aggravated. I had a lot more written & the "SAVE NOW" wouldn't work. I thought it had saved what I'd written & it was getting late so I went to bed. It only saved what I'd first typed. Typical blogger.

I'm not one to send out every cartoon, email, prayer, or joke that I receive in my mailbox, but on occasion I do send along a few occasionally. If I've ever send out too many then yes, I hope that you'll let me know. However, last week a got a letter from someone I thought was an Internet friend. She very coldly said she no longer wanted to receive any emails (forwards) from me. That was it. I went to check her blog & found that she shut it down and went private without so much as a fuck you very much. I always felt kind of dumb when I read a lot of her entries. She's obviously well educated & it showe. A tad cool, but I thought it was her manner. Her entries were great & I really enjoyed them. I am just really shocked. I had no idea I had inundated her with so much garbage. Oh well. People come & go. It's not like we were going to high tea every day.

The H1N1 flu is starting to make the rounds here also. My granddaughter sat next to someone in church who had it & was sick in a couple of days. Her (step)Mom, an RN, took her & had her tested to see if she had it & she didn't but DID miss 3 days of school, so she was REALLY sick. I sure wish they'd get more vaccine in. I haven't even gotten my regular flu shot but am afraid to go to the Drs office with all the sickies!

Halloween week is upon us. My son & the girls LOVE it and have already been decorating. Got new costumes. Shelby Kay's 8th birthday is the 30th and they're going to a church lock in that night. Our plans for her birthday was for her to take a friend or 2 & go to Mall, get Shelby's ears pierced, get new outfit & eat pizza at the Mall. However since the lock in is that night and I don't know how much her ears will other her, I may see if we can just do the Mall thing on another day. The next day being Halloween-still not sure about doing it on that day. It would probably be OK. She's going to be a devil-has a sparkly sequined dress...SO cute & Kenzie (6) is going as an angel. They look SO cute.
Not much else of note to write about. Big Texas Tech FB game vs. Texas A & M tomorrow. Wish us luck. Home game sold out & NOT on TV. I am NOT a happy camper. I told Rich it was the one game I wanted to go to & couldn't get him to commit. I guess it'll be on the radio. Just wish I was gonna be there. Oh well. Wreck em TECH!!

Y'all have a GREAT weekend-wherever, whoever you are. LOL



Anonymous said...

Go A&M!

Martha (Menagerie) said...

Well it's about time you showed up with an entry! I don't think you send out too much stuff at all, just the good ones! I'd love to know who that nasty blogger was mean to you! Hope you have a great weekend Barb! *Hugs*

Linda's World said...

Hi Barb, Good to hear from you thru Bloggerville. Sorry to hear that your son hasn't been called back yet. My ex went thru that when the Milwaukee RR closed down and he hired on with the Union Pacific. He just worked part time fill in jobs to take up the slack. Sounds like your son is doing what he can. The H1N1 has hit here in Washington too. But just a few cases. I think there's a lot of confusion about this flu. People think if they wake up feeling yucky, they've got it. Not so. Hope you're team wins. Linda in Washington state

A Middle Aged Mom said...

Have a good week!

Sandra said...

Hi Barb, At last I`ve been able to catch up with your blog. I`ve really neglected mine lately but I`ve found myself a new site. A blogsite just for gardeners and I`m loving it as you can guess. What a shame about your internet "friend" and how very rude of her. What a pity her good education didn`t cover good manners and common decency! The Swine Flu visrus is picking up speed again here after a lull back the Summer. All we can do is be as careful as possible. I for one have never washed my hands so often in my life. before long I`ll have no skin!

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

LYN said...

always good to hear from you!! I just posted too..have a great week...

Gerry said...

Hi, I noted your entry and just got over here. Bloggers have quit, yes, but being a writer for so many years, I know that people go into the doldrums. Writing is a habit it takes time to acquire. Ha. Then you can't quit even if you are the only one getting up at one in the morning to write a poem on your blog and visit someone else's. I was thinking haven't heard from Lisa for a long time of Please Dont Take Life For Granted. She was so sick the last time she posted, don't know if she could make it to the computer. If she could she would though, even if it was practically her last breath, she had acquired the writing habit! I appreciated her writing. She illuminated the night with her observations of what the human body can endure. And she still wanted to live. She was waiting for another grandchild to be born I know. I have always liked your chatty style of writing. You make what is happening so clear. That is a gift. Gerry

CINDY said...

Hi Barb. Sorry I haven't been around. I hope your son is called back soon. Yes, the H1N1 virus has hit here also. I just signed a form so that my 8yr old can be given the shot when the doctor visits the school. Made an entry the other day and part 2 I will write about and add pics today. Stop by if you have time.

Sherry said...

i know exactly who you are talking about when you talk about that chick from J Land who sent you the shitty note and then went private. She is not the perfect helpful one everyone thinks she is. You are better off without her, trust me. But we both know there are gobs of fake assholes online.
Thank God you are not one of them.
i hate to hear the railroad will take that long to call workers back. Does the unemployment last up until the day they go back to work?
take pics on Halloween of the grandkids if you will. I miss you but we keep in touch so even if you do not write on blogger you are always in my life. How are you feeling? I think it is good if you and Tom are together and things are calm....drama every day will drive a person batshit crazy. Love you.
oh, and the flu this year is a killer. It is killing way more than people are noticing.

Sugar said...

just a quick comment to let you know my old blog is closed, but i have 2 new ones. hope you've been by, if not come visit & sign in to follow. huggies...
links are on old blog.
if you've already been, ty!

Lisa said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!
I'm sort of on break from blogging and very sporadic with my entries.
Lisa in Kentucky