Monday, September 28, 2009

Mad at the Internet

I had been having terrible wireless connection issues. Our Internet connection would drop off just enough to break the connection then come back on. After a several attempts at fixing it, we thought perhaps we would by a new router. That was several days ago & had not lost our connection ONCE in the past few days. Today it has been a holy terror to do ANYTHING. I don't know if it' is a server issue (which I believe it to be) . I have tried to catch up on my face booking and kept getting error after error there. I decided to come over to Blogger to catch up and cannot post any comments. It just cannot be me. I am just venting.
I need to get off the computer and go to bed anyway. I have my days and nights mixed up again.

My poor DH is working his arse off. He's spending all his time on the trains or at the other end of the line. That gets old REAL fast. He needs to keep working as I just realized it is 3 mos. until Christmas.

Today would have been my beautiful late mother in law's 96th birthday. She passed in January. There are not enough words to convey the love, the strength, the wisdom, the inspiration that this beautiful (and she truly was) imparted on her family. She is well loved and missed mightily. I hope she is heaven feeling no pain. Having cake and a party. I feel her love, guidance & protection smiling down on us all. Richard's equally beautiful 72 yr old sister has found love again. She has been a widow for years. Before her husband passed, he'd had a severe stroke & was totally dependent upon her. She cared for him in their home for years. Nearly breaking her back (and her spirit) as she loaded him in and out of the car, the tub , the chair, etc. He passed then she took care of their mother, driving her to DR appointments, making sure she was getting her groc. & meds and being taken care of. She got little help from any one else. All this time working a full time job. Anyway, Mary (my sis in law) has been dating a retired railroader and she is as giddy as a school girl. I've not seen her so happy, well, EVER. I am praying that this man will be good for her and that if this a match that they have many happy years together. They dine out, they go for drives, they go out DANCING! I LOVE it. I am So happy for her.

ht? Also a quick commentary on the Mackenzie Philips book that came out this past week. Love her or hate her, you have to give her her dues. I believe her story. I can't believe that the poor girl coughed up all this crap about an affair with her father. She & her ghost writers could have come up with it, but I tend to believe. I believe if she wanted to sensationalize her life she could have done it some other way.

Well, it's 5am. Guess I'll call it a day. Or should I call it a night.
Have a good week every one.


Gerry said...

I hope your sister-in-law remains as happy over a new love as she sounds now. She deserves to enjoy a relationship after all the years she has served an ailing husband and her mother. Sounds like she has the good sense to enjoy every moment of happiness she now feels. Gerry

Missie said...

We had the same internet problems months ago. Like you, we thought it was the router so we bought a new one. Worked for a while and now it's diong it all over again. It's really frustrating!

Martha (Menagerie) said...

Hope you got those internet connection issues worked out and hope all is well.
*Hugs* Martha :-)