Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just an entry because I haven't done one in a while.

Typical night(Fri night/Sat a.m) in our household. Me, sitting alone in my little corner. Trying to find a crime show on TV since none of my regular shows are on or they are in rereuns. I'm not TOTALLY alone. DH is in HIS little corner of the house on HIS computer watching yet another movie that he's already seen a dozen times. The dogs are asleep in their cave (under my bed), where they spend most of their lives. Jake is doing better since his surgery but still walking slowly & with a limp. Doesn't act like he is in pain. Glad for that.

The girls (Shelby & Mackenzie are here also, but sound asleep.) Tom & one of his good frineds have gone out to one of the local clubs to watch one of their favorite local bands play. Tom is such a music fan. He plays the guitar well. He likes a lot of different kinds of music too. I think that makes a musician better at what he does. He had a birthday Wednesday, the 2ND. My "baby" is 28. We took him out to eat the night before his birthday, because we figured he would have plans with his friends the next night.

Oh and we have a new "pet". Tommy bought Shelby & Kenzie a Betta fish. His name is Charlie. Tom is such a good Dad. Tom takes them to park often. Swims with them. Both the girls are already doing front and back flips into the pool. He always makes sure he has plenty of time for them.

We also have a new member on my side of the family. My nephew, Mark (my brother's son) and Juliana have a new baby boy born Aug 31. His name Ian and he came into the world weighing 9lb 7 oz. 20 1/2" long. He is a beautiful baby (they live about, oh 700 mi. north of us. So of course I have only seen photos. Ian has a big brother Isaac. I think he's going to be 2 on Oct 31st. They are really going to have their hands full.

For those who don't follow along on Facebook I'll fill you in on what our "kitty" Callie has been up to. Last week one night she brought in a big freakin RAT. Yes, I said it- R A T! Thank GOD it was dead. I was the only one at home/awake at the tine. I put it in a shoe box and put rubberbands around it and put it in the outside garbage. She also brought in a young (very ) blue jay. I aso got to pick it up & get rid of it. A couple of nights after the rat, it was a small, not yet quite dead mouse. She took it straight into the girls' room & it got loose under their bed. The girls were asleep but I wasn't about to lose that mouse. Calli captured it again & it got loose & managed to escap under a beach towel. Luckily I have an expandable lightstick (like an antenna) with a maagnet on top of it. I'm whispering (loud & panicky for Tom to grab the beach towel. Which he did & caught le` mouse. LOL It was nearly dead by then, so he had to put it out of it's misery. This morning after the girls were gone to school-everyone went back to sleep for a nap. Rich was zonked out in the bed. Tom was crashed in his. I had JUST drifted off on the couch I'm so tired lately but afraid to sleep too much during the day. Anyway I hear Calli coming in; a whole lot of commotion and BANG something hitting the back door. Well, dear huntress had brought in an un-dead dove. It flew down the hall, hit the wall and turned and flew back into the "BAM" back storm door. There was dove blood on the wall in the hall and about a bushel of feathers strewn from one end of the house to other. Rich got up & disposed of half dead bird. I don't know what he did with, but told me it wouldn't be escaping again. Is there ANY way sure way of stopping a cat from hunting--other than keeping her held hostage, please let me know. I am personally tired of being the one that has to uhm, dispense her "gifts." LOL

We have no "Labor Day" weekend plans. Rich cooked some awesome babyback ribs the other night. So we won't be having ribs. Texas Tech is playing some non conference nobody (to me)school and it looks like rain, so we probably won't be going to that & it's not on TV. We're invited to a big party at a friend's house--the problem in that is he lives in California and we live in Texas...but ONE of these days we'll make it. His parties are "epic" I hear.

We had glorious rains Thursday night and Friday morning one HECK of a thunderstorm. It was raining, thundering and lightning like the end of the world. The girls were waiting on the front porch for Tom to pull the van into the drive and one of those instant over head thunders BOOMED so loud it shook the windows. Kenz was so startled she started to cry. It WAS a pretty awesome sound. We needed the rain so desperately though. One of the thunders at the beginning of the storm sent Calli across the backyard like a blur. LOL No problem getting her to come in the house the first time Shelby called her then!!

If you're having a big barbecue/party this weekend...please be safe.
Love you all. Enjoy this last weekend of summer.



Missie said...

I wouldn"t want those gifts either from my cat! LOL

I wonder what the cat will come home with next? LOL

Enjoy your weekned.

Lisa said...

Loved catching up with you Barb!! I liked hearing about your typical evening on the weekend. It sounds so similar to ours here, and even how the pets retreat to their corners LOL. Happy Labor Day!
Lisa in Kentucky
PS Glad to find you on Facebook!

Gerry said...

I could not help but laugh at the hunting zeal of your mighty huntress cat. I haven't heard of a cat like that since my country days. Oh yes, thank you for your kind message to Doc which I conveyed to him. I feel you are right on all counts, but I am always a little surprised when women will attack me for being friends with him at all for being weak. Especially when they are obese! I think it is a little bit unreasonable for an overweighty like me to be too critical of a drinker. I was raised by a fat mama and an alcoholic dad and did not know who to be the most ashamed of, my grandpa on her side who was the fattest man in town, or my alcoholic dad! Anyway I always appreciate your writing as you somehow seem to cover the subjects in a satisfying way to me. And this entry is no exception. I enjoyed it!

Terri said...

Tom sounds about like me with my music... we love it! Happy belated Birthday to him!

Eeekk at the things your cat has draggeg in...I hope she stops hunting

Mmm...i'm gonna have to make some ribs soon...sounds good!

Glad to hear from you...and what do ya know..I am actually reading a few blogs this afternoon..something I haven't done in awhile! :)


Anonymous said...

I need to read the cat story to BRIEGE she will appreciate it for sure~Mary

CINDY said...

I'm so glad I don't have a cat, lol. Sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm trying to get caught up on reading an entry or two of everyone's journal. It seems there is not enough hours in the day to get caught up. Hope your week is a good one. God Bless