Monday, July 20, 2009

July Birthdays & Summer Fun

Well, July is well over half gone. We've had a few birthdays to celebrate and wish Happy Ones to. Let's see, our nephew Andy (Richard's sister's son) had a birthday on the 4th!! What a day to have a birthday to celebrate!

Richard's other sister, Pauline (Polly) had her birthday on the 6th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POLLY! She lives in Missouri but she will be out her (TX) in August. We're anxious to see her.

Our #3 granddaugher (Tom's middle girl) turned 6 on the 11th. Our little 7-11 girl born at 1:11p.m. They were living in Colorado when she was born. They called about 6am to let us know that Morgan (ex daughter in law) was in labor. We drove like crazy people hoping to get there in time. I think we missed it by about an hour & 1/2. I was just getting over a foot surgery of course. But I got to stay a week with the kids. Shelby was just about 22 mos at the time. I was thrilled to be there that week. Though I think I drove Morgan nuts. We had a luau this year for Kenzie's birthday. Tommy did all the work. I did make her tiki hut cake (but I had to let him try out making some of the icing "leaves" on the roof. He did fantastic! I believe he'd be a natural at cake decorating! He made chicken & beef kabobs on the grill. There was fruit kabobs along with the other food, cake & ice cream. He even saved sparklers for the kids to do after dark. On a sad note, our almost 6 yr old maltipoo, Jake jumped off our daughter's lap that night & injured his left hind leg. It was a weekend & our vet refers weekend patients to the Emergency Animal Clinic. One of the very reasons that I am thinking seriously about changings Vets. They didn't even xray Jake's leg. I didn't go, but I should have. Rich should have insisted they xray the leg. They diagnosed it as a bad pull or tear of a ligament. Said there is an expensive operation to repair it but was only 50/50 that it would be a success. So what, he is supposed to limp all his life. We delayed taking him to the regular Vet as he seemed to really be iproving over the next couple of days. Then Wed. the trash truck came down the alley. HIS alley (he thinks-LOL). Jake HAS to run out and bark at him, which he did & I KNOW aggrivated his leg again. He is putting weight on it when he walks now & you can touch the leg without him crying or jerking away, so he is better. I still want to take him to Vet though for a REAL diagnosis.

Our #5 granddaughter, Hailey Rae (Chad & Malizza's daughter) had her 2nd birthday, July 17th. They had her birthday at Chuck E Cheese Pizza. The kids had a blast. Hailey seemed to really enjoy herself. We got her a tricycle, though I haven't gotten to see it in action. LOL I also got her an outfit & 2 pair of earrings. I love the pizza there & I don't know why I never think to get one from there. So the only time I get it is at a birthday party! LOL Her birthday party theme was Blues Clues and her cake (from a bakery) was a very cute one with "Blue" (a dog for those of you who don't watch Blues Clues) on it. And tasted SO good. Malizza, if you're reading this---Have Chad send me some birthday party pics. I know the ones I took with my phone aren't the greatest. I'm not even sure I know how to get them on the computer, though I'm sure one of my kids does. LOL

Last of the birthdays this month, will be mine. Big Whoop. I'll be (cough cough) 55 on the 29th. Rich will be on vacation and I hope the hell we'll be out this town. I haven't had a vacation in 3 years and I BETTER get one. I want to go to San Diego. He wants to go to Vegas. I HATE Vegas in the summer. The LAST time we were there was one of the hottest summers on record - of COURSE! I got so sick from the heat, walking around. I told him, a stopover in Vegas wouldn't be out of the question as long as I get to park my ass in front of a slot machine or Pai Gow poker table. LOL There's some show going on out there he wants to see. IF we can even get tix. I don't know.

That's about all I know for now. I'll try to add some photos to this entry. My computer crahsed while I was uploading the ones from my camera. Ahhhh technology. LOL Have a good week!!

(I think if you hold your cursor over the photo it tells who or what's in the photo)

Calli. Taking a break from the summer heat with her "friend" (or snack???), Donald.
Frodo (long hair chihuahua) Jake (Maltipoo)Kenzie & Daddy (Tommy)
Can't tell they are related. LOL You have to be VERY quick to catch that smile on camera.
Tom tries his hand at making leaves. The Tiki Hut for Kenzie's luau.
Time to blow out those candles!!

Kenzie & Shelby enjoying the pool.Hailey on the steps!


Morgan said...

wow you do have lots of birthdays!!! spring time is when we have our most birthdays. I hope your foot is getting better :)

Missie said...

You did have a lot of birthday's for the month of July!

That cake looks awesome!

Poor Jake. I think i'd have to get his leg checked out with a second opinion.

Have a good week.

Martha said...

All I can say is PARTY on Barb! My son's 1th is on the 23 - do you wanna make the cake? :-)

LYN said...

summer is one big party for you guys huh??
right on!
I want grandchildren so bad but shhh don't tell anyone!!