Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day - Please make it a safe one.


Good Afternoon everyone & a fine hot day/weekeknd it will be. I feel very strongly about the right to celebrate this country's freedom. It'S NOt just not supposed to be a long weekend to run off & grill burgers, take a long weekend & watch some magnificent fireworks. Few of us think about what those rocket's red glare mean to this country's past. How many lives were lost to lay down this freedom? How many won't be home this weekend manning the grill because they are out there laying the groundwork for more freedom in this world for those who don't have it? Thank you America. Thank you fighters of freedom. Thank you all who help every day to make my life so easy. Yes, yes, yes. Go out.Fire up your grills, take that 4 day trip, and when you're watching those glorious fireworks from wherever you are, say a prayer for the safety of those protecting our freedom, fighting for someone else's. And here comes my obliglatory, PLEASE PLEASE for God's sake. Stay sober. Or have a designated driver.AND mind your city/town's fireworks laws. LOL (My civil service for the weekend.)
I am sure my fireworks celebration will dull as unbuttered toast. DH usually has to work. Well, he doesn't HAVE to - he could take the day off but woul not get the Holiday Pay. The have to work the day before & the day after a Holiday to get holiday pay. Tom usually takes the girls out to a friend's house that have a 4th party. They live out of the city limits where it is legal to set off fireworks. They aren't this year though as they have a new baby.

More than likely Rich (DH) will be at work. Tom has plans all weekend. They DO include the girls. There is a parade & street fair downtown. I would LOVE to go. I haven't been in several years. it is usually wicked hot ; at least there you can get a HOTdog. We shall see.

ORTHO doc visit Thursday went far differently than I thought it would. The night before those two toes that have been giving me hell and my whole foot were swollen. I had been up a little longer than I probably should have. I mean, my God, it's been over a month. I SHOULD be able to be up on my feet all day if I want. Apparently it was too long. When I went to the DR, he thought it was doing great. I said, "What??" I said look at the redness, the swelling of the two toes. He went on to give me the DR babble pep talk which I took with a grain of salt. Yeah, he's supposed to be the best there is at what he does & I, nothing but a patient with my own ideas. Guess that is why HE gets paid the big bucks. So the report was good. He said I can try to wear a regular tennis shoe this weekend and go swimming whenever I want. YAY! He DID prescribe another round of antibiotics and a pack methylPREDNISolone-6 days worth. Fibromyalgia was brought up. I didn't bring it up, Richard did. All my painful points everywhere on my body. Doc said he's suspected I had it but I have been on several drugs that are used to treat it for my other pain symptoms, and they haven't helped. My trigger points seem to be getting worse and so Doc decided to Rx'd a new drug for firbromyalgia, Savelle. It just came out in March so he is excited for me to try it. Of course, my pharmacy doesn't even have it in, so I have to wait until Monday. Enough of that. All I can do is trust him at his word.

My sainted son, Tom, just fixed fab supper. Grilled chicken with pineapple. Alligator bites: opened & seeded jalapenos filled w/cream cheese, cheddar, or mexican blend (or your fav), a bit of chicken (make sure you cook throuroughly if using raw bits as we do). U put the top back on the jalapeno(we slice lengthwise) and wrap with a stip of bacon; secure w/toothpick & grill till it's done. OMG.These are the best ever. To me they aren't spicy at all because it's the seed & membrane that give jalapenos their heat. I LOVE them. I love bacon on anything too. T had 2 extra slices of bacon and grilled them alone for the girls. I took a bite & told him that I think this is the ONLY way bacon should be cooked. LOL Can you imagine firing up the grill every morning for breakfast. (Shows how much I go camping.)
Grilled some slices of fresh pineapple. By the way after he cored & sliced the pineapple with our handy dandy tool that does it that I got from QVC, he put the boneless skinless breasts in the pineapple "skin" and let it marinate in there till he cooked it. OMG that chicken was sooo juicy and tender!! I go on don't I? Anyway we had a yummy lite summer dinner and the girls ate like they hadn't eaten all day.

I woke up with a summer cold. It was almost funny if it weren't so annoying. I sneezed all day-in 3s. Every time I sneezed, I sneezed 3 times. I'm not usually a multiple sneezer. And EVERY time-3 sneezes. Until after dinner. I'm down 1 sneeze at a time & a head stuffed with cotton & a nose running like a leaky faucet. Joy. Not.

Well, again, I'm outta here. Have a safe and fun weekend and wave a sparkler for me!!



Martha said...

You are absolutely right on all points about the 4th of July. I would hope that most people give thought to exactly why we celebrate.

Feel better soon Barb and have a wonderful 4th of July :-)

Linda's World said...

Hey Barb, thought of all of you when I was out with my grand daughter the other day & a BNSF freight train went by. I even took a picture of it as it was crawling along the waterfront. Hope whatever you do, you have a great day. Linda in Washington

Terri said...

Great post!

Glad it was a good report at the Dr. hope everything continues to get better! I have had a sore throat for two days now, and was out yesterday in the cold damp weather for our 4th of July my nose is running...blah!

Tom's dinner sounds delicious! Send me some leftovers mkayy? :)

Have a great week

Missie said...

I'm glad you got a good report from the doctor. I think I have fibro too! Next time i go to the doc, i'm going to talk to him about it.

Have a good week!

Morgan said...

Hi! I hope you guys had a great holiday weekend :) Give the girls hugs for me.