Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP Michael and Farrah



Yes, I am writing about the loss of Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett. Two icons in their own right gone far too soon. I am already SICK of the SICK jokes going around about the two of them and I don't want to hear any more of them.
It's one thing to disrespect someone in life, that can defend themselves...but less than 24 hours after they are gone, I think is just plain mean spirited. Yes both of them were far from "our" definition of normal. What IS normal? Am I normal .... ahhh, no. Are you? I am so disgusted at the names they have branded upon the Hollywood and Music World elite. They are people whose destiny took them down a road that few travel upon.
Michael Jackson was scrutinized by everyone, everywhere from the first time he walked on a stage. Where were all these so called friends & fans of his when he was on trial for molestation? Did he molest little boys? I don't know. I wasn't there. I don't think many were. That's between him & his maker. I am sitting here watching his videos on several different channels. "Scream [Stop Pressuring Me]" & "Leave Me Alone"; two songs that say it all. He just wanted to make his music. Live his life. I know from what I've heard from tv & radio that he had a lot of chronic pain. A lot of that stemming from the fire in the Pepsi commercial. If you have never suffered chronic pain or been inclined to addiction, how can we understand. I hope he didn't suffer at the end. I know he's out of pain now. He's in heaven with his baby brother, Brandon who died the day of his birth. Brandon was Marlon's twin.
As for Farrah Fawcett. She suffered mightily & fought the good fight. I was thrilled when Ryan ONeal said they would be married and heartbroken that it didn't happen before she passed. Did you know when she was one month old she had surgery for a digestive tract tumor? She was born in Galveston TX. So of course we (Texans) claim her as our own. She certainly may not have had an impact on the world like the "King of Pop" did, but she came into our homes often. As one of Charlie's Angels, as the abused wife & mother of the "Burning Bed", etc. Apparently she had demons of her own to battle. I hope she too is resting in peace. Out of pain.
Anyway, that's my 2 cents on the matter.
Thursday afternoon we had a houseful of company. All the kids, then one of Richard's nephews, his wife, one of their sons, their daughter & her boyfriend-all moved back out here from the Phoenix area. 15 of us to eat (burgers off the grill) and swim. Well I couldn't swim of course. I was on my feet longer than I had been in the past few weeks. I was worn out by the time they all left. I guess my late nights finally caught up with me because since Friday morning when I went to bed till 11am I slept a total of 22 hours. I probably should try to get back to bed earlier tonight.
Hope you and yours are having a good weekend. Until next time.....


Lisa said...

I too loved Michael Jackson and I think he and Farrah both made wonderful contributions and did their best under their circumstances. I will always love Michael's music. I hope it is not true what they say about him. Farrah was wonderful in The Burning Bed and in so many other movies she made. May they rest in peace. Great entry!!!
Lisa in Kentucky

LYN said...


Terri said...

I loved Michael Jacksons music...and i agree only he and his maker know what really went on in his life...i wish i could have seen him in concert i bet it was amazing! He and Farrah will be missed!

Glad you had a good time with does wear a person out...hope you are all caught up on your rest...

Have a good week


Missie said...

"RIP" Micheal, Farrah and now Billy Mays!

Have a good weekend.

Martha said...

Hi Barb,
I agree with you - I wish people would have a little bit of respect for those who have recently passed on. Hollywood has sure had it's share of loss lately.
Glad to hear things are well in your world. Hope you've caught up on your rest! :-)