Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surgery/Post Surgery.

Well, I am 12 days out of surgery. I would say I am doing OK...sorta. Surgery was May 27, I went back a week later, just for a dressing change. The nurse & I both went "Oh no" at the same time as the dressing came off....the whole top of my foot was swollen & lobster red. Doc was in surgery. She took a couple of pics & sent them to him & he had her take one of the pins out the toes. (3 of them had these pins down through the top of the toe-they are abt 3" long). He thought one of them might have been causing the infection as it was working it's way out & had a lot of stuff on body just rejecting it. Happens sometimes. So she pulled the pin & they faxed me in a prescription for antibiotics. I had been cheating & not using both my crutches. PhotobucketI'm allowed to put weight on it as long as it's the heel of the foot. So I was using one crutch or my cane. That was a big no no. I'm supposed to use BOTH crutches ALL the time and stay off it as much as possible & when I'm not up to have the foot elevated. I went back to the DR the next day & saw him. It already looked 20% better (he said). I agree, it looked better. I go back on June 10th to get all the stitches taken out and the other 2 pins. I have a permanent screw in the big toe. like on the other foot. I hope this stops the ulcers on these toes. It's got to help.

I'm being spoiled and going crazy. Rich did drop me off at the nail salon Thursday & came back to get me after I was done. I will be SO glad when I can drive. I could's my left foot, but the Dr. prefers I don't. That way I won't be tempted to "go shopping." LOL Like I'm SUCH a shopaholic. I have been getting a lot of crocheting done. I finished one & got it mailed to Sandra's daughter who had a beautiful 8 lb baby girl! (some of you might know her from journaling...Labdancer51.) Although they live in England, I've known Sandra for a couple of years from AOL journals. When I found out her daughter was having a girl & I wanted to make her a baby afghan, I was thrilled...the past few I'd done were for boys. I have a couple more to make two for boys and one I don't know the sex of yet. I think I will do a green & white one.

Other than my surgery, life has been as usual. The girls are having a ball out of school. Swimming almost every day. Our oldest granddaughter, Ashley left for Washington on June 2 for her annual trip to visit her Mom. I know she was looking forward to it. Unfortunately I didn't get to see her after my surgery, right before she left. I wanted to give her some "mad money" in case she ran across something she really wanted, but i'm sure she will be fine money wise. I also wanted to talk to her about the Twilight series books. She is one of those who encouraged me to read them. I'm almost done with book two and i can't believe how much better it was than the first book & the first book was really good. Very very easy reads.

A very good friend was going home from work late Wednesday night when he had to stop for gas. Of course at a self serve station. He was robbed at gunpoint. The guy asked for his wallet & his keys. He only had $14 on him. I HOPE he's got the locks changed on their house. I haven't talked to him since Thursday so don't have anymore details. I am just glad the guy was satisfied with what he got and took off. It's a scary world out there. I heard a statistic that 1 in 3 people in the United States will be touched by violent crime. Sad isn't it? Scary.

Well, it's getting late. Hope all is well with you all. I will try to get around to your blogs when I can. I can't seem to concentrate on doing much online. LOL

Love you all! Have a good week!



Missie said...

I'm glad your foot is healing well now. It must have been a little scary seeing it getting infected.

Stay off of it as much as possible.

Terri said...

Glad your foot is starting to heal....take care of yourself...

OMG how scary for your friend..glad he is okay and didnt get hurt...

Glad you are enjoying the Twilight will loveee book #4 it was my very favorite :)

Have you seen the movie yet? I can't wait for the 2nd (New Moon) I think it is gonna be at the movies in Nov.


Sandra said...

Hi Barb, Oh dear, your poor foot, at least it`s starting to heal now though you really must rest more. Kerry told me that she emailled you and told me that you loved being able to make a pink blanket instead of a blue. Each time I see her she always has the blanket with her and she often lays Sophie on it as it is so soft to the touch. By the way, Sophie was 9lbs 15ozs and now 13lbs, she is enormous already and growing fast!! Take care my friend. :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Martha said...

Glad things are starting to heal now! Please take good care of yourself and FOLLOW YOUR DOCS ORDERS! Hugs!

Morgan said...

Im sorry things aren't healing as well as they should. Hey atleast you can still get your nails done :) My hair is both actually. The top is bottle but has really lighten in the sun. I know the girls love to swim and addi is right there with them. I loved the Twilight series my favorites being the Twilight and Forever Dawn. The movie doesn't do the book justice but I think New Moon will be better. Im currently reading sTORI Telling by Tori thier show too. Im soooo star struck lol