Friday, January 30, 2009

Ow Ow Ow

Well, it wouldn't be an entry from me if there weren't something new wrong with me, would it? LOL Yep you can rely on me for a new tale of "Woe is me." Tues. I developed an odd toothache. Not like a cavity or broken tooth, more like I'd been chewing the same piece of gum in the same spot for a week.I'd eaten some beef jerky so I thought maybe that was it. Wenesday it was somewhat better but my jaw had a swelling and it hurt like hell. I called the dentist & of course they couldn't get me in until Friday morning. By this morning it looked like I was stuffing that cheek like a chipmunk, was firey red and feverish and HURTS!!! OMG. Went to the dentist this morning & all he did was tell me that I had a pretty bad abscess & needed a root canal. Oh joy. Thank God for insurance.
What else is going on the wild world of Mad Woman? Not a whole heck of a lot. OH! We finally decided to get out of the house. Tommy won tickets to see this Beatles tribute band called The Living Legends and insisted that he won them for us. They were hand picked by George Harrison's sister. They show a LOT of documentary footage of the REAL Beatles (which, while interesting, I'd rather have watched at home on the Biography channel.) Plus the show started 20 minutes late so of course.....Richard's cell phone rang after the intermission, just as they were getting into the 70s music & he had to be at work in a hour and a half. We listened to 2 more songs then had to leave. It was getting icy and he has drive 30 minutes to the train depot. What we got to see was fun and I hadn't been out for long time. Everyone thinks I'm turning into a recluse.
Liverpool Legends Pictures, Images and Photos

Found out that I am going to be a great-Aunt again. My brother's son's wife is expecting their 2nd one. I never get to see them as they all live in KS. Their firstborn (a son, Isaac)is a toddler so when the new baby gets here, they will be almost 23 mos apart. That's about far apart my granddaughters that live here are. I think it's neat when they are close together. They grow up closer I think. My kids are 4 yrs apart so my boys are 8 yrs apart. But now that they're adults it doesn't matter.

Well, that's about all that is going on here. Anyone having a Super Bowl party? I usually put on a spread if the guys are in town and don't have anything else planned. I spread out a big quilt & let the girl TRY to eat in front of the TV....if the dogs will leave them alone. Everyone have a nice weekend and I hope you're staying safe & warm.

Love y'all!



Sandra said...

Ouch! Abcesses are really painful, I hope it is cleared up soon. What shame you had to leave the concert early.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Missie said...

OUCH! I sure hope your tooth is feeling better.

Enjoy your week!

Terri said...

Ouchie! Hope your tooth is feeling better...

Glad you got out for a bit and enjoyed the concert..wish you could have stayed...


Martha said...

Ouch! Been there, done that, no fun at all! I was just doing some catch up here. I recognized the last entry I read from November, looks like I was having the same problem finding you then!

I'm so sorry to hear what you went through around Thanksgiving! That sure sounds serious! So glad you made it through that! Sorry to hear about Richard's mom too, she looks like a lovey woman and it sure sounds like she was as well.

Love and hugs!

Lisa said...

Oh I do hate teeth problems. Hope you are feeling better!!!!

Cathy said...

LOL everyone but Lisa said "Ouch" first isn't it pleasing to know we think similarly, for the most part? Means we know each other, have empathy, can relate, all that good stuff. I'd feel rotten if I missed that concert too, and of course, the oral pain. But with good news on the horizon I know you'll be smiling again soon.