Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We have been having Internet issues AND cable issues. Our cable; "high speed" Internet & phone are bundled. They have been out to try to fix the problem several times. Last time they were here they ran a new line from the alley to the house and replace my DVR box. Well, the DVR box is "tiling" or pixelating or whateer you call it where you can't hear or see the channel for the breaking up of the picture into little squares. I wrote a long entry in the body of an AOL email because I keep losing my Internet. NOW today, AOL is not responding, so when I shut it down, I'm going to lose the entry. So I'll try to remember what I wrote. Computers. Grrrr! If I didn't have so many online friends that I would hate to lose I'd throw the darn thing in the trash.
Not much exciting going on. I have a dental appointment at 7:30 A.M. The only good thing about that is I SHOULD be the first patient of the day. I just hope my dentist is a morning person. LOL He's going to take off the old crown & prep it for a new crown. Money Money Monnnney!
Railroad business has gone to hell and my sons are both laid off right now. Chad has 2 yrs more seniority that Tom, so who KNOWS when Tommy will get back to work. I'm SO glad Tom didn't buy a house last summer. He'd have to work 2 jobs at LEAST to make what he was making working for the RR. Robin is doing OK. He soon to be crazy ex husband went to the last place she was living, looking for her. the people she was living with called the cops-she wasn't there, thank God. Apparently they were drunk and looking for trouble. I just wish the cops had shown up before they left.
I have my days & nights mixed up again. I was doing real good when I came home from the hospital. Then I started staying up later and later. With the girls in school, I can nap during the day---usually. Not this week though. Richard decided to get aluminum siding on the trim on the house. Thank God we have a brick house. I would hate to think what siding a complete house would cost. We were going to get a big screen TV and just never found one that both agreed on. he says we are still getting one. We'll see.
Below is a photo of a very dear friend of mine's 2nd grandson sleeping under a very special blanket. I've know this friend for about 30 years. I made this quilt for HER son about that long ago. It was a printed quilt top but I embroidered in and around every letter, every picture, every block. Then put it together as a quilt. The fact that it's survived all these years and now her GRANDSONS have used...well, I'm just so honored. And isn't her grandson just a beautiul little 2 yr old?


Speaking of grandkids, Tommy & Shelby & Kenzie are still living here. As I mentioned before he's laid off. I just found out today Chad, our oldest is cut off work also and he has several more years seniority than Tommy. I hope this economy turns around SOON. Mackenzie (5 1/2) was spilling things all the time. Especially at dinner. We had noticed she had kind of a lazy eye so I started watching her at meals. When she'd reach for something was when that eye kind of crossed. So Tom made eye appointments for both of the girls. Shelby's (age7) eyes are fine. Turns out Kenzie is very farsighted. So when she reached for something close...she wasn't seeing it right. She got glasses. They said it was great that we caught while she's this young. She looks SO cute & she is great about wearing to them. I looked through them and I am VERY farsighted myself & I can see fair out them so she has to be happy inside that she can see! No more spills!!
Well I better get to bed. I want to be bright eyed & bushy tailed for the dentist! LOL Have a great rest of your week!! Love y'all.


Shelly said...

HI Barb. AOL wouldn't open for me this morning either for the first few tries. Then it finally signed on. That's the first time that ever happened to me though. ILOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt!!! WOW! Great job. I hope your sons can get back to work soon. And I'm glad you found out that Mackenzie needed glasses...that's awesome she can see!!! Grandma's always know when something is wrong. Love ya Barb!!!!

ADB said...

Sorry to hear you've having internet problems, Barb.

Missie said...

Have a good week!

LYN said...


Lisa said...

Yikes did we both go to the dentist in the same week? I miss you!! Here's my link ... please let me know if it works... I am still private but great to read your posts and hear from you. Gorgeous quilt!!!!!!! Courtney got glasses about a week ago. Nick is being a typical teen and Aaron is adorable as ever.