Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break?!

Evening everyone.
It's almost midnight here in Texas. Just wanted to touch base with everyone. This week was Spring Break so my granddaughters were home all week. We invited our oldest one, Ashley to come spend a few days with us also. She stayed 3 nights. I would have had her all week, but she seemed ready to go home today and Shelby(7) & Kenzie (5) seemed worn out. Tommy hass had them busy every day this week. He's taken them to the park (just a block a way) at least once, usually twice a day. One afternoon they went the BIG park. Legacy Play village which wlooks like the combination of a fortress & a castle. Poor Shelby fell and hit her head so that cut that day short. They have been shopping. Gramma (me) sprang for new sundresses, flip flops and lipstick & jewelry. LOL They went to a barbecue for Tom's best friend Wednesday night. They went to the slot car track with him one day. He bought them all kinds of paints and pads and they've been being very creative. Ashley is turning into quite the atrtiste. Besides her original art that I'm so proud of she has started writing poetry and I must say I am VERY impressed. So the girls have been busy.
It's our daughter's birthday Sunday. She commented that she needed/wanted a new watch so I gave her her present early. I gave her a gift card so she can go out and get one that she wants. I know her taste varies greatly from mine.
I had two dental appts. this week. Tues I had one at 7:30a.m. of all times to have my new crown seated. I woke up at (of course) 7:30. I didn't hit the snooze..I hit the off button. I was ready to go in 10 min & called them on my way out the door. The receptionist was rather snotty (maybe SHE hadn't had HER coffee either) LOL & told me "Well, after 15 min you're considered a no show & we might have to reschedule."I told her I'd be there in less than 5 min. I only live about a 1 1/2 mi away. I ran to my car. The top was down, and of course a cold front had blown in but I didn't have time to put the top up. And on cold mornings sometimes it is hard to get my car out of park into reverse. I'm praying all the way out the door, Please God let me get there quickly & safely and PLEASE let the car come out of park. I jumped in and turned the key at the same time I'm buckling my seatbelt. I rubbed my guadian angel (clipped to visor) and put my hand on the gearshift knob. IT RELEASED!! I looked behind me, Thank God no one parked behind me the night before as they usually do. I looked at the clock. I had 3 min. Both of the lights I came to were green and I hit the parking lot like a Nascar driver. LOL The receptionist said "well, you weren't kidding were you?" I was out of breath & shaking like a leaf. When the dental assistant came & got me she was laughing and told me she said, "I'll bet that's my patient coming into the parking lot on 2 wheels." It wouldn't have been such a big deal but I'd lost the temporary crown 4 days before my appt and I was tired of babying that spot at every meal. LOL It took less time for them to fit the crown than it did for me to get ready. On my way home I had to stop at Walgreens to pick up some things. There was the most GORGEOUS girl at the checkout. I took my stuff out to my car & thought, now why didn't I find out if she was old enough and single for Tom? I'm always trying to pick up girls for him. He thinks it's great but I'm sure the girls probably think I'm a little off my rocker. So I grabbed my purse & went back inside. Luckily she wasn't busy. I asked her how old she was ..."23" (Tom's 27) asked if she had a boyfriend.."No." Asked if she would like one and she nodded enthusiasitcally & said "Yes." I said well I've got a guy for you. Showed her a pic of Tom (on my phone-not a great one, kinda of dark) and gave her his name & phone nummber and told her as much as I could before she had to check out the next lady. The lady asked me if I was matchmaking. I laughed and said, Yes, but I'm sure this poor girl probably thinks I should be committed. She laughed and said well if your not interested in this one I have a big and burly one at home myself. LOL I haven't even talked to Tommy that much since Tues. I told him he needed to go in there and talk to her. I don't know if she called him or if he's been in there. He goes to that store all the time for his personal stuff. The man needs a nice young woman in his life and the girls need one too. One of them commented to the other that they are NEVER going to see their Mommy again. I heard it and talked to them. I told them that wasn't true. They both just got laid off from their jobs and moved into a new house. Plus Mommy has their sister Addy (Tom's too) who will be 3 and baby Sydney (with new husband) so she is busy. BUT THEY WILL see their Mommy again sometime.They talk to her on the phone all the time. They just don't understand that the distance between here & AZ is so far. If Tom wasn't laid off at this time he would have taken the girls out this week. But he's still laid off. Business SEEMS to picking up but there are a lot of RR ers that are off ahead of him.
Oh I had a WONDERFUL telephone conversation with my friend Gwynn the other other night. Unfortunately she hasn't had much luck with love & marriage. Her first husband (who is deceased now) was abusive. It took her 22 yrs to get out of that marriage. She left with her kids and their clothes & not much else when she could have been set up financially had she not been SO eager to get out of the marriage. The 2nd man she was married to was a substance abuser and partied their marriage to the death. I think she married her 3rd out of fear (of being alone) and he'd been a guy she'd dated off and on for a while then was nearly killed in a car accident. He had a long and difficult recovery and ever the nurturer I know she thought he needed him. Though he wss a confirmed bachelor in his 40s they married. After 2 yrs he quit working, living off SSI I assume. His house was paid for and she worked a job that kept her out on the road for most of the 6 yrs they were married.He started verbally abusing her and after taking it for 4 yrs decided that was enough. She fell into the perfect job for her in OK & is basically running an alcohol, smoking and drug prevention program. For a woman with no college, she is doing extra ordinarily well for herself and for that, I envy her. I had only spoken to her maybe twice in the past 2 yrs since she moved. I ran into a mutal friend of ours at a RR dinner a couple weeks ago & this girl wanted to know if I'd write Gwynn & aske her to give her a phone number. So I shot her an email & she called while I was out the next evening. I called her back at 9pm that evening and we talked (like we did nearly every night while we were the best of friends) for FOUR hours. We could have talked for four more. It's like we picked up where we left off -- sort of. She was my first Railroader wife friend. She showed up one day on her lunch hour from the grocery store she worked in her hubby told her about me and that I didn't have any friends (I was new to this town). We both had little ones and close to the same age. She is the one who I made that baby quilt for (her second child) and now his kids use it nearly 30 yrs ago. For 10yrs we were thick as thieves. Then after I saw how bad the abuse was getting I started urging her to get out. Her husband turned on me. Which is a chapter of a book in itself. He actually took a SHOT at me, though we can't prove it was him. I pulled up in my hubby's pickup in her drive & she'd seen her estranged husband drive by slowly about 10 min before. They lived on the outskirts of town in a small housing development and there was an empty lot across from her. She ran outside and told me NOT to get out of the truck. About that time a bullet came through the back glass & I had my door open, it missed my headrest by inches, shattered the window and went out through the driver's door. I was practically in the floorboard and nearly peed my pants. She knew he had taken several of his many rifles & guns with him. We called the sheriff but they said unless we saw him do it, there wasn't much they could do. We think that he was in the alley behind the house across the st. next to the empty lot. There were several more incidents with him & guns during their separation. It's a wonder someone didn't get killed. Anyway, it was wonderful to talk to her. She is near her daughter & son in law plus near her father & step mother.
As for a health update, besides the ordinary bumps and bruises that kids get, I think everyone is healthy. As for myself. I have a new pressure wound so that makes four toes with open sores. One is healing well FINALLY. It should be....I've had it since before I was in the hosp in NOV.! If I can stay off them, they do so much better. They are on the ends of my toes basically where my shoes create pressure. They seem to come from the inside out. I'm doctoring them. I have a DR appt-next week I think. As long as they aren't infected I'm OK.
I've written for over an hour. Didn't mean to write a novella. Has anyone been having trouble with Internet Explorer? I'm using version 7.0 as I've heard bad things about IE 8. My IE has "stopped responding" on a reg. basis. So I hope I can get this posted. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Love you all!

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Gerry said...

Well this was pretty hair raising best friend story. But you are such a good story teller. I must say getting shot at is not what most best friends bargain for. I met a woman in the pool last summer whose best friend's boyfriend shot at her and missed and hit her and it paralyzed her! She said she does not even have the best friend anymore and she had 3 kids She was a beautiful woman. But I enjoyed catching up on all the news in your family. I thought oh tch tch when I read about your problems with shoe pressure causing sores with your diabetes. I am glad you have them under a doctor's care. You handle your grandchildren with such love and care and acceptance. With not a word of resentment about the hand fate has dealt you. You remind me of my sister Ann who has become a replacement mother for whenevr her young daughter in law wants to run wild, but it sometimes happens that way. Mine kept my first 2 away from me out of spite and hers uses her for another mother, but you have to forgive all in the grandmother business I think. There are all kinds of people in the world and you never know what kind of person will come into the family to give you your next most precious gift, grandchildren, besides children! Gerry