Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who Can It Be Now?

PhotobucketI have had several people say I had no link to my blog on my profile. I had somehow unchecked it on my profile settings so hopefully you should be able to find me. I wondered why I hadn't heard anything. I KNOW my posts are long and excruciatingly boring...LOL but come on!HEE HEE I have reset my profile and hope you stop by soon.
Today (well, Sunday) my one & only daughter is 31. I am getting too damned old. She has stopped by three days in a row "to check on me".When your kids start checking on you, shouldn't you start to worry? LOL I have been having some issues, but I'm not quite to the point where I need her to drive across town to check on me. I mean I love her to come visit. But that constant look of concern is starting to freak me out. I think she's scoping out her inheritance. LOL Just kidding. It's not like Tom, Richard and the girls aren't here...EVERY SINGLE DAY. LOL
Ever hear the kid's poem "10 little monkeys, jumping on a bed, one fell of an broke his head, Mama called the Dr and the Dr said, No more monkeys jumpin on the bed. " And it continues to count down till there are no More monkeys jumping on the bed. Well, I wasn't exactly jumping on the girls' bed last night, more like hopping off. The corners of there be are SO freakin sharp and I hit the side of my calf on the corner of their it. I'm now blessed with a purple bruise about the size of a baseball with a scab in the center. Ouchie.
I laughed under my breath at something 7 yr old Shelby said the other day. She scraped her back at the park, scratched her tummy sliding down something, skinned her elbow when she fell of her bike, bumped the back of head after a fall off the monkey bars....She seriously said to me "you know gramma if I get one more owie this week, I'm afraid it just might kill me." I did my best not to laugh out loud & told her that was a good sign, It shows she's going out there and playing hard. And a busy week it has been. Spring break is over and it's back to school in the morning.
Well, I'll check after this post to make sure that my blog is on my profile. Stop by anytime.
Luv n hugs,


Missie said...

Hope you're having a good Monday!

CINDY said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Today my hubby and I celebrate 30 yrs of marriage. Don't ya just love all the company when ya want alone time, quiet time? LOL I am trying to read some blogs and get somewhat caught up so I can make an entry and get updated. Hope you have a great week.

Lisa said...

That's awesome the kids had spring break all ready! Ours is not til after this Friday... and you can imagine the kids are talking about it constantly. I love what Shelby said about her boo boos... yes my kids get pretty scraped up all over too. The school must think we're not taking very good care of them... Courtney's knees look like a boy's knees and Aaron always had dirt under his nails no matter how much I tell him to go clean them and stop digging in the dirt. LOL. I'm not getting many comments either these days... I think people are just slow to get around to visit everyone. Life is so busy and it is hard waiting on those comments to pour in, huh?! Hope you have a great week,
Lisa in KY

LdyRoxx said...

Hey, there you are....I needa spring break myself, but do I see it coming? Noooooo.

Linda's World said...

Thanks for the link, now I've found you. Since I was out of town when that big change over happened last October, I just figured that lots of people threw up their hands & quit. So now, I'm here...Linda in Washington

Terri said...

Hey girlie!
I haven't been around much , had my nose in a book...several I'm reading the Twilight series...

Too cute what Shelby said about her boo boos...hehe

Hope you have a good week


Gerry said...

At any rate I think I am getting something I was not. I have your blog on my blog list but when you were gone so long I also got rattled and tired and had a tough time getting around to all the blogs I usually visited. I have found out I must quit worrying about the bloggers. I understand your daughter's worried look of concern, and driving over to check you out every day, as I would tell my sister every few days, I am afraid Barbara who writes Diary of a Mad Woman is not taking care of her diabetes. But I was one who would imagine I had leprosy quite easy so dealing with bloggers who got ill has taken some adjustment. I dreamed I was in the bedroom swatting horrible black ants of one blogger and the more I would kill the more would appear to be killed. I have finally managed to get out of the bedrooms of the bloggers to alittle more distance. That's probably what your daughter needs to do a little more too, just step back a tad and work on trying to accept whatever happens. You always feel alarmed if your kids shows signs of not being able to handle aging and disease. I enjoyed your writing style, so when I felt a little more caught up I have added you back on my reading list. Gerry