Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just a quick entry. I don't feel like writing a long entry.I am crying because I am in pain. A lot of it. My feet, my hands, my knee & and my shoulder/back. I strained a muscle down the lower part of my neck into my shoulder blade area. It 's NOT getting better. I was at the ortho doc. I forgot tell him about it. He probably could've given me a shot. Nothing else is helping. He was pleased with the progress of a couple of my wounds on my feet. One that has been open for 5+ months is completely healed . The one on the other big toe is still not healed but a lot better. The 2nd & 3rd toe on the left foot...same. He has decided he is going to operate on the toes on the left foot. 3 of them, maybe the 4th one too. He wanted to do with within the next 2-3 weeks and they couldn't find a slot for me until May 27th. The man is OVERBOOKED everywhere. They turn under (like hammertoe) so he will release a tendon and put a screw in the big toe then take a joint out of the other toes. Did the same thing to the right foot a few yrs ago. The toes don't bend anymore. I hope this works. It's only was partially successful with the right foot. I'm not asking for sympathy. It's about all I have to write about.
It's beem unbearably hot the past week. And it's only early May. Hopefully the pool will be swimmable in a week or 2. We got the solar blanket on it today. It still has to have a good vacuuming from the dust that blew in a few weeks ago. Ugh.
My SIL's surgery went well. She had to have 2 plates and 8 pins put in. They have it in a temp cast. She goes back Tuesday to see if they will put it in a cast or boot. I am pretty certain it will HAVE to be in a cast. I wish she'd had my orthopedic surgeon. He is supposed to be one of the best there is in Texas, maybe the country. I know he's busy enough!
Happy Belated Birthday (in my blog) to our beautiful granddaughter in Arizona, Addison. She turned 3 on May 2. I saw pictures in her Mommy's blog. Looks like she had a great day.
I'm done for the night. Hope everything is going well with you and yours. I'll try to get by your blog in the days to come. You know me, always a day late & a dollar short.


Terri said...

Oh Barb...I sure hope you start feeling better soon and your pain eases...I know it has to be miserable!

Happy Birthday to your grandaughter!

Keeping you in my prayers..


Lisa said...

I hope the pain goes away and I hope you do not have to have the surgery. I am saying prayers for you and am so concerned for you my friend. God Bless you and Jesus please touch my friend and heal her feet and toes completely!

Kelly said...

Hi Barb, its been awhile since I have come over for a visit here, and I am sorry to see that you are in so much pain. The operation sounds painful in itself, but if you do have it hopefully it will help. Your pool sounds closer to ready than ours, lol, we have a hole in our liner and it has to be drained, torn out, and replaced! Hugs, Kelly

Gerry said...

I have got toe surgery on my mind since my sister just had her 4th one. A pin came out. This last doctor said she has a neuroma whatever that is. She does not have diabetes but just very delicate feet that have given her fits. So I know feet can hurt. My foot is big and toes are strong, not delicate like hers. But I notice when I have a pain, it is bothersome. My other sister has severe diabetes so I am always concerned about toes that get infected. Scary. It would be hard to think of anything else if you were hurting too bad, no matter where it is! Gerry

Shelly said...

Hey pretty lady. Hope everything goes well with your feet and your SIL. I have been busy with working in the yard and making a veggie garden. Have still not been blogging much though. Love you!!!!!!!!

Sandra said...

Oh Barb, I had no idea you have been in so much pain, it must be awful for you. I do hope the ops will make your life more comfortable and painfree. Take care.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Lisa said...

I gave you an award Barb. Stop by and check it out.
Lisa in Kentucky

John said...

I like your background. Im praying for you with all the pain your in.I know it sounds crzy.Get WD40 Yes the kind in the hardware department to loosen up nuts and bolts. have someone rub it on your neck and back, try your feet to.I promise this worked for myAunt for over five years.Doctor even approved it. Let me know ok Im adding myself as a follower.Stop by add yourself to my bloggerbuddies and comment ok Feel better soon

John said...

Yes please let me know if it works.I thought I added myself as a follower.So i just did

Cathy said...

I get it, hun. Go ahead and write about your pain. My left foot is completely w/o feeling, can't rotate, bend, the toes don't separate etc., only if I do it manually. Walking is an adventure in pain management lol. And it's ok. W/O pain my body wouldn't be able to tell me what's up, yes? Too much negativity surrounding the state of being in pain - it doesn't have to mean "suffering". Life is going on!!