Sunday, April 26, 2009

All I wanted to do tonight is change the layout(background) on my blog page. I've done it several times to date. Now I have html code in two different places & STILL have the Easter background on my blog. I know I'm computer illiterate, but you'd think I'd be able to change a couple of simple backgrounds. Thus....I am A G G R A V A T E D!!! I HATE BLOGGER. I've had a crappy week/weekend (tho not as bad as some) and am just about ready to chuck this blog. I use the site The cutest blog on the block. com. So what did I do wrong? Any ideas????
Facebook is relatively easier. My kids are on there and on twitter, so I may just go over there. I don't know.
My poor sister in law, Jane (brother's wife, in KS) has had a crappy month. She & my brother are farmers. They have farm land all over the county they live in so they are on the road a LOT. A few weeks ago they had a snow/freeze and one of the farm roads (if you can call it a road) had only been graded on one side. So she was driving their small S-10 pickup & decided to get over in that lane so she wouldn't have to drive in the inches of snow. She hit a chunk of ice which in an ordinary truck would not have done a thing but she it just so and it push her towards the ditch. She skidded into the slushy, icy snow packed (from the road grader) ditch and the pickup just hit nose first and flipped over on it's top. She wasn't hurt badly but couldn't get out as she was surrounded by the snow. Luckily she was able to get my brother on the radio who was just a few miles behind her. He dug her out.He called for an ambulance and they got her out. The worst of it was how high her blood pressure was! She was extremely lucky. Not so last Tuesday. They were moving so calves and she was on the 4 wheeler. One of the baby calves was headed straight for the fence so Larry hollered for her to cut it off. She did. The 4 wheeler hit a hump of dirt and flipped her over. She broke her left leg (at the ankle) cracked the ankle bone and thought she had broken her shoulder and/or collar bone. Bless her heart. Larry & another hand were going to try to lift her up into the truck and she told him she didn't think they should be trying to move her so they called the ambulance again. The little paramedic was the same one who ran on the pickup wreck & he told her "Jane, you can call me if you want to see me & we'll go get some coffee. You don't have keep getting into accidents!" That was cute. Needless to say the next few hours were difficult for her. A good friend of theirs is a local dr. but they are in little town of about 3,000. There are 2 fairly good sized cities each about an hour to an hour/half away. She chose to go to the one in Enid OK. (Our hometown in right on the KS/OK line). Her side of the family live down there. They splinted her up and sent her home. She will go back down next week & have surgery on her ankle on Thurs. Thank God her nothing else was broken but she has some very bad bruising. This is going to be hard for her. She is NOT one to sit around reading a book, knit, watch tv, or sleep. She is one of the hardest working women I have ever known in my life. It's 500 miles up there. I should just get on a plane & go spend some time up there. I haven't seen them for almost 5 yrs I guess. With the exception of a couple years ago, they flew down with their Dr friend & his fiance to go to an auction. We got together for dinner then spent half the next day together out at the auction. I used to drive up there often just me and the kids before they were all in school. No I can barely make if 5o miles out of town before I start to get sleepy. For some reason as I have gotten older, the car has become like a sedative and I just cannot stay awake/
What else is up? I found out that my brother Larry (wife-Jane) are going to have a second grandson. They have 2 sons. Matt is 33,autistic & lives in a group home. Mark is 31, my daughter's age. He has a little boy now who will be 2 in Oct. Their new baby will be here in Sept. Going to have their hands full.
It's getting late. Guess I should head for the bed. Hope you have a great rest of your week and a warm and sunny week ahead.


ADB said...

I can see you're having Blogger Bother - hope you can sort it out

Gerry said...

I did have to laugh at what your blog was doing on that one side, but I was horrified to read the accounts of your sister's accidents. Yes, she is going to be miserable for a while. I do like your way of telling what happens. It really holds one's interest. So I always check your blog now I have it on my blog list to see if you have posted. And even if you don't post very often now, I enjoy it when you do. Maybe you can try Facebook and keep this one, too! Then you can tell us your impressions of Facebook. My sister tried Facebook but said it drove her crazy, so she came back to blogging on the family site. I am trying to get her to do a blog on blogspot, but she says not until her youngest grandchild she is tending goes to school. We will see. Gerry

Lisa said...

Niether of these accidents sounded good and I am so sorry to hear about her ankle. I sure do hope you decide to stay here at blogger. There is an open forum where you can post questions and get advice from others. I stick with the easy beise background and have not tried putting anything else in much. It seems to mess up my blog if I do. I do think blogger is a bit on the sensitive side where it comes to functionality and diversity. Now other blogs on blogger seem to be able to load music and all kinds of stuff and have no problems. I got music loaded on and it just stopped working after a while because I had too many other bells and whistles and of course I guess 35 songs was a little too much LOL.
Lisa in KY

Sandra said...

Hi Barb, Your poor SIL, she has really had a bad time of it lately. I hope her surgery goes well. I like the background you have at the moment. :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

LYN said...