Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sick toes and I'm an April Fool

Well, it's official-and I knew it would be. I went to my foot DR on Tuesday & my foot ulcers (3 of the 4) are infected. He marked the red areas with a sharpie & said if the redness moved beyond those lines in the next 36 hrs he was putting me in the hospital because it would mean the antibiotic he was going to prescribe wasn't working & he'd have to put me on IV antibiotics. Luckily it did not. I have been seeing this Dr for about 12 yrs now & I trust his judgement pretty much. He said something about in the future as a proactive measure we may have to amputate half the toes that are the ones that consistently get the pressure sores/ulcers. That would be half of each big toe. Half the 2nd toe on the left foot and maybe the 3rd on that foot. I'm sittin there shaking my head no. It's bad enough missing half of one toe (2nd on the right foot)I like to wear my sandals too much. As long as I can get them to heal without having to be hospitalized then I don't see cutting them off. He said he wasn't talking about any time soon. Subject changed. I'm using silver nitrate sticks on them & sivadene (burn cream) & 3 of them are healing up well. One was pretty bad. I let it go too long. I should have called him at least 2 or 3 weeks ago. The one on my left big toe has not been completely healed since before I was in the hospital last Nov.! Definitely a slow healer. The baseball size bruise I got from hitting my calf on the corner of the girls' bed has barely changed in the past 3 weeks or so.
PhotobucketOn a lighter note, I don't think I have EVER been such an April Fool. LOL My 27 yr old son, laid off work with ENTIRELT too much time on his hands (LOL) got me quite a few times. First, I'm rushing out the door to the garage and my hand slips of the knob. I'd just wiped my hands on a paper towel, so I grabbed it. I thought it was Crisco or something, but it came right was lotion. LOL He was already gone for the day on a field trip with one of the girl's class.I get in the car & this prob that I've got with my car not coming out of Park happened. I FINALLY got it in reverse & I make it to the retina DR only 5 min late. I knew he wouldn't let the day pass w/only 1 prank. I noticed when I got home that my bed had been made very neatly. Now, he will make my bed on occasion, but usually doesn't. I wanted to take a nap but I was sure he'd put something in it so I crashed on the couch. I hadn't gotten to sleep much the night before so I crashed hard. He slipped in quietly about an hour before school was out & set to work creating his pranks. LOL I woke up about 30 min after he got home, according to him. I had to run to the restroom. The lid was down on the toliet. I yanked it up but brought up the seat and lid-he'd used clear tape and taped the lid shut to the seat. LOL So he got me! I grab the toliet paper and baby powder goes flying out between the layers. LOL Prank #3. I sit down at my computer. My mouse doesn't move. he's taken a two sided piece of tape & taped it down (Richard's too). Prank #4 on me, I had a diet coke, being the addict that I am. I use the same straw several times. Evemtually it will crack or get a hole in it from stabbing the ice or something. Nothing comes up, I get a new straw. LOL So my straw wasn't working, I got a new one. I did several things. By this time my other son, Chad & his little one, Hailey were here so I was distracted. I sat back down to my coke and my straw had a hole in IT! Then I looked at it and could tell it had been cut. Tommy couldn't contain his laughter. He'd done prank number 5 & 6 now. He'd gotten Chad with the baby powder toliet paper in the other bathroom. LOL After a while I get up to fix another diet coke. I keep a butter knife on the counter lying on a cloth napkin. I use crushed ice so I use the knife to chop the ice so it doesn't clump into one ball. I pick up the knife which was stuck to the napkin! Again with the dbl side tape. Prank #7. I finally got him to tell me what he'd done to my bed because I wasn't going to get in the bed until he fessed up. I guessed it. He'd made an envelope with the flat sheet so your feet could only go into the bed a couple of feet. We left that one for Richard. When Rich got in the bed, he came back in here & half angrily said, I put my foot thru the sheet. And I was laughing and said "What?!" He then said "April Fool's". The girls were gotten too. He put clear stapping tape facing out across their door. He told Shelby to run put her book bag away. You tell her to run-the girl runs. LOL She ran smack dab into the tape at eye level. Cracked her up. We tried to set it up to get Mackenzie but by then she knew something was up & she spied the tape. They thought it so funny to run through the tape they asked Tom to put it across the kitchen door. It wasn't real sticky so to "get them" Chad & Tom held the tape-tightly. Thinking the first one to cross the "finish line" would break the tape...they both got to the doorway at the same time and bounced off the tape. LOL I got a couple back on Tom. While he was still gone on the field trip I took a handul of jelly in a paper towel and smeared it across his (vinyl) chair in his room, his doorknob and the first Dr Pepper can he'd reach for. Just another jelly to make it sticky. Oh and he taped across the opening of my diet coke box in the fridge. The girls and I swapped out the inner pkgs of cereal. We put the cocoa krispies in the raisin bran bos & vice versa. Then I filled the sugar shaker up with salt. He always has a healthy dose in his morning coffee. Of course they couldn't contain themselves about the cereal & finally conned him to giving them each a cupful of each of the cereals for a snack. Of course he knew something was up by the way they were excitedly coaching him. But for their sake acted appropriately "FOOLED."The next morning, the girls were the same way as soon as they woke up. "Aren't you going to make your coffee Dad? You always have coffee in the morning." PLUS he'd filled the sugar shaker the day before & I didn't have enough salt to fill it up completely so he tasted it before he poured it into his coffee. LOL So I didn't get him there. We decided to make a rule about the pranks. Nobody gets hurt, no big messes to clean up, and nothing vulgar. LOL He's decided it's his new favorite holiday. He's always been one to do something....anything for kicks and grins. He should be a comedian. He IS a funny guy.

So once again, I've turned this into a marathon entry. We're having wind, wind, wind, and dust, dust, dust everyday. We were under a high wind advisory tonight. The high Sat. afternoon was 79 and Sunday is supposed to be 54. If we don't get some moisture soon we're going to dry up & blow away. The ciry is raising the water rates dramatically & the more you use the nore your increase is going to be. NOT FAIR.
Well, hope you had a safe & fun April Fool's day. And you're enjoying warm weather and NO wind. Love you all. Barb


Donna said...

Good grief,that much April fooling would wear me out!

Anonymous said...

You sent me a link and I DID save it, but am now getting around to actually using it :-). I am so sorry about the health issues(some of which you explained in email..some here) but I am glad you have some faith in the doctor. No one wants to be in-patient, but if it had spread further, that would have been best.

Now your son. Nope, too much April Fooling for me. Find him more things to do around the house ;-o.

And we do have a lot of wind today.

Linda's World said...

Sorry to hear about your sick toes. That must be very painful. But, all got some laughs on April Fool's Day. Those are some good ones. I think what he did to your bed is called 'short sheeting." Back in the early 1960's we got into the aprtment of some newly married friends who were away on their weekend honeymoon and did a bunch of stuff like that. Is your son laid off from the RR? Linda in Washington

Gerry said...

Hm, I have never read of anyone going to such lengths to pull April fool pranks. We learned our lesson once on April fool, my daughter, and his baby sitter and I, we told my son that the cops were coming to see him because his cousin Scott told them he had urged him to steal something. He believed us and was so angry at his cousin he wouldn't even stop being mad when we said April fool. We decided that was not worth it. I am glad that you make rules on how far you can go. Sounded like a bunch of harmless ones to me. Sorry about the threat to your toes. I hope you do not lose them soon. Gerry

Terri said...

Keep a close watch on your tooties Barb..wanna keep them as long as you can!

LOL@ your son and all his jokes

Hope you have a good week


Sandra said...

Your poor toes, I hope they heal soon. Those pranks remind me of when I was in my teens and my even younger brother. He played pranks on me ALL the time whatever the day and he drove me crazy. Once he put cayenne pepper inside what should have been a tasty cream cake. I can`t tell you what I called!

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Missie said...

I sure hope those toes heal up quickly for you!

As far as your son and his pranks....LMAO!!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Sorry to hear about toes, I hope they heal soon

Martha said...

Hope thing are going better for you. Love and hugs, Martha