Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun with Kids

Well, fall is here I think. A cold front came in last night along with wind & rain. The high is only supposed to be 45º today. I love it!! I do hope it warms up just a tad by Halloween for the trick or treaters' sake.
Which brings me to the fun we had yesterday evening witih my son Tom's 3 girls-Addi, Shelby & Kenzie. They went "Trunk or Treating." It was a church sponsored event where they have a large section of a parking lot marked off & people back their cars into their specified rows decorate their open trunks or wear costumes & kids go up & down the rows "trunk or treating." The kids have a safe fun place to trick or treat. Plus they have games, bounce houses & refreshments. We didn't get to stay as long as the girls would have liked as i had to pick up Chad's oldest Ashley, from band practice at her igh school. She's in marching band. She'll be marching in the Rose Parade Bowl next year. Ash plays the French horn.
Rain's picked up again. I just talked to Tom who's north of here near Amarillo. He said there was about 2'' of snow on the ground up there, I just checked the 5 day forecast for here. We are going to warm up to 70º over the next 5 days, I should have known fall wasn't here to stay. I just looked out & it's snowing! Big fat flakes, mixed with rain. But it's definitely snow.
That's about it for today. Hope you're warm & safe & dry where you are.


Linda's World said...

Amazing...your weather sound like Pacific Northwest weather. No snow here yet but we've had a few cold nights. There's a church up the street from me that does the 'Trunk or treating.' A much better idea than letting the kids go door to door, I think. I'd like to see more parties at schools, churches, community centers, etc. Halloween has lost it's magic (I think). Usually the weather is bad, it's dark and you never know who's going to open that door and what nasty thing they might give our precious little ones. Have a good weekend...

Lisa said...

We had a great day for fall celebrations at our church too and beautiful weather. So nice to stop by and catch up with you. Are you still able to get to my blogs? LOL I finally am getting back to journaling now and then. I missed it but enjoyed the break.
Let me know if you can still get in my blogs. One is public and the other private.

Missie said...

We've had more rain this year then ever recorded in history and the year ain't over yet. LOL

Sorry it's been so long since I've been around. If you add the new blogger email feed to your sidebar, I can sign up to get your posts directly to my inbox which is much easier than remembering to go to my reader to catch up.

Have a good weekend.