Saturday, October 15, 2011

Long Time Comin'

Well, here I am over 10 months since my last entry. Blogger has changed so much I don't even know if I'll be able to post this entry. I am still not the most internet savvy person on the block. Not much has been going on really in the past 1o months. We're all a little older. Still have 7 grands and they are all growing like weeds. The youngest, the twins Caleb & Skylan are 1 6 mos. old. Growing up way too fast. Their oldest sister our oldest granddaughter, Ashley is a freshman in High School. Plays the french horn & is in marching band. She will be amrching in the next ROSE PARADE, next yr. We are very excited for her. The middle child, Hailey is 4 now and into gymnastics, dance and soccer.
Our baby, Tom, and 2 of his daughters had been living with us for 5 1/2 yrs. He finall y took the plunge and bought them a nice 3 bedroom house only a couple blocks awayfrom us. He works for the R.R. also so I babysit them when I need tol His girls are Shelby Kenzie & Addi. They are in 4th, 3rd and Kindergartern. It's different not having them here every night, but i am addjusting.
Oh our daughter, Robin took the marital plunge again for the 3rd and hopefully final time. they got married June 5th in Las Vegas. She married a real nice, hard working, wants to care of her, gentleman. A far cry from the first two she was married to, who wanted someone to take care of them. LOL Well, we had just bought a 2011 Ford Edge so we just decided to drive out there instead of fly. They had a real nice little ceremony and AJ's parents and grandmother, Aunt & niece were able to fly out as was our son Ton. It was really nice time for all of us.
In July I had another foot surgery. Another overgrown bone was rubbing a sore on the bottom of my foot so he had to take part of that bone out and voila` the sore has healed. It all has something to do with my diabetes and the peripheral neuropathy in both feet. The Dr had to change up some of my meds and I am happy to report that my blood sugar is well under control. Richard's too.
So that brings us just about up to date. I mostly do my networking on Facebook, where you can find me under the name of Barbara Whisman Miller.I would love to reconnect with more JLanders. Have a Happy Halloween.


LYN said...

I thought I was bad! I just blogged after 2 months!! :-)
I'll friend you on FB!

ADB said...

Welcome back to blogging, Barb. Why not complement what you write on FB with longer postings on here?