Friday, May 18, 2012

Loving Life in Spring in Lubbock....mostly

Loving life this spring so far. It's been since the dead of winter since I posted. I never really feel like I have much to say. I should try to post more often. We're well into Spring and until the past week it was looking pretty dismal as far as "greening up." We're in the middle of a drought. There's been a burn ban and watering restrictions for months. Last week it rained. Finally that wonderful wet stuff falling from the sky. Gently for days. You could almost hear the earth sucking it up! It washed the dust off of everything and everything that was green just popped. Wilting flowers perked up. Yards turned deeper green. The burn ban has been lifted, but not watering restrictions. I just hope we continue to get the occasional rain now. It certainly lifted my spirits ... somewhat.
    I spent 4 days in the hospital at the end of February. I had lymphedema (swelling) in both legs and cellulitis in the left leg. I had have IV medications and bed rest. I hated it. It did the trick as far as the extreme swelling goes, but I've had to be on antibiotics twice again since. I have a huge wound on the bottom of my right foot .It's been there for months and very slow healing. (Diabetes is a curse.) I also got a blister on one of my toes and it got infected. Sigh. I just need to heal. If you pray...I could use a prayer or 2. Thanks.
     I am enjoying Spring. New life and all that. Looking forward to summer. I really am. I hopefully will be done with the dreaded dental work I've been having done a  bit at a time.  Hubby is supposed to retire. I sure hope he goes through with it. He is slowly but surely getting started on his teardrop trailer.  I'll post pics when there is something to post. He has the frame built and the wheels on it. He is working on the wooden pattern for the sides. I am anxioius to see how it comes along. Also, the girls (granddaughters) are ready to go swimming, so it is time for him to get the pool is swimming shape. Really all he needs to do is get the solar blanket on. With the temps we have been having, the water will be warm enough to swim in no time.
   I've been babysitting Tommy's girls a lot. He is working a lot so they're here. Love having them. On the day after Mother's Day, Rich smoked a brisket & some sausage. All our kids, with the exception of our DIL, Malizza were able to come over for dinner. All 7 of the grandkids were here and it was absolutely great. Ashley, our oldest granddaughter just finished Driver's Ed. She will be 16 in Oct. In TX the kid has to have their learner's permit for 6 mos before they can get their reg. license, so she won't get hers till the end of Oct.  I just can't belive I have a granddaughter old enough to be driving!!!
    Better end this for now. I have to get up in 6 hours to go to the Retina specialist for a checkup. Just another thing that goes along with the diabetes.
     Have a good one!!


REGINA said...

not boring at all. i generally like spring, but not this year. the older i get the worse my allergies get and this spring i almost croaked with allergies. but i do love the way you described spring where you are. i am quite concerned with your wound on the bottom of your foot. not good for diabetics. i have been very fortunate to not get wounds that won't heal, and i have 2 cats that are always scratching me here or there. a dear friend of mine had a bad case of cellulitis, and ended up in the hospital as well, and then in a rehab center for several weeks. she was 82 when this happened, and her husband passed away while she was in the rehab center. be very diligent with anything that affects your legs and feet. my best wishes and prayers are with you.

ADB said...

It's still wintery here, expecting snow today... Good luck with your retina check

Linda's World said...

You posted, you posted! I bet your hubby is excited at the prospect of retiring. I will be praying for's not fun having medical problems..

Barb said...

Hi hon. Glad to see you posting again. We've had awesome weather, actually experiencing spring for once. Most of the time spring arrives and it is summer and very hot before you know it.
Praying for your diabetes problems. I have it too. It is a deadly disease. My sweet sister died Feb. 22 from diabetes complications. she had a leg amputated, lost her sight and was about to lose her second leg when she was hospitalized. I miss her very much but am glad she is no longer suffering. Take care.
you can find me at the link below. It has been awhile since I have posted but do stop by. I'll be posting again ASAP.

Shelly said...

Hi Barb. I am making rounds in blogger this morning. Trying to find old friends on here. Not easy breezy at all. I am sorry you had those pesky health issues. It's been a while so I hope you have healed some. And I can't believe your granddaughter is 16. Unbelievable! Love you honey. Write more ok?