Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wonderul Wed

Good Morning world! Thought I would do a quick entry even though I don't think I have much to write about. It's quiet right now. The girls (Shelby & Kenzie) are sleeping in.
      Richard is at the dentist. Talk about $$$$. He has pretty bad teeth. He grew up in a town witih terrible water, way too much flouride in it (I think that's the deal). Anyway it stained his teeth and nothing you can do about that. He had a couple teeth that were really bothering him and we talked about him getting dentures but of course the dentist said no, you don't need them. His bottom teeth are in pretty good shape. So they are doing some crowns and capping his front teeth and bleaching his bottom teeth. Our dental ins. isn't the best ever. And has  a $1500.oo cap per year. Our out of pocket will be a lot.. Gulp. I went for my cleaning  last week, MY dentist said I need two more crowns then my teeth should be in great shape. I just got a bridge on the bottom and he told me I MAY need an extraction. Sigh. I only have $500 left in benefits and I know that 2 crowns OR a bridge is going to be way more. Oh well. Guess I'll do what I have to do. Could be a lot worse.
     I'll be over at oldest son, Chad's house later this afternoon keeping his kids until 9 pm. Ashley who is 15 will be a lot of help. Hailey is 5 and of course there's the twins, Skylan & Caleb who are 2 now. If Tom doesn't make it home from work I will also still have Shelby & Kenzie. 6 of our 7 grands in one place!  I need to get all 7 of them at a photo studio and have their pictures made all together. Of course they are 7 of the best lookin kids you'll ever see. :) 
     I haven't been able to swim since the last time I was in the pool. I spent 4 hours in t he pool and even with sunscreen I got a sunburn. It was pretty bad on m face..I thought my daily moisturizer which has sunscreen in it would be fine. Apparently not. I'm ready to get back in the water.
    I just want to say...I am grateful for all the many blessings in our lives. So many people out there, friends, facebook friends, faamily members are going through SO  much right now. Illnesses, problems with family, money problems etc. I probably complain too much, but I know how blessed our family is. I want you to know, if you are reading this, that I pray for you and your familes. My heart is broken for the families and victims of the Aurora, CO mass shooting.
      That's all for today. Told  you I didn't have much to write about. Have a wonderful day.Hug your family tight if you can.


Barb said...

It wasn't boring. It never is when you're reading about people who matter to you. Sorry about the dental costs. I can really relate to that one. I'm due for a return visit myself, have put it off due to husband being on hospice but my teeth are demanding to see a dentist so I'd better go. You take care.

Shelly said...

I hate the DENTIST!!!!! I can't stress that enough. lol Hope it doesn't break the bank too much. Glad you got time with the grandkids. I want grandkids. :) Love ya Barb.

ADB said...

Sorry to hear of the dental problems with Richard, Barb. Have a good weekend.

Linda's World said...

I have a tooth that's been bothering me too. I'm afraid the old crown is cracked....I just finished paying off the last round of dental work so I'd sure like a break from more dental repair charges. I pay $33 a month for dental insurance and all I can say is that it's better than no insurance....just barely.

Lisa said...

ok, why is it that i lost this blog and have not read it in years? I am so out of touch and out of the loop. No more when it comes to you because you are one of less than half a dozen who are real and true from J Land. SO glad DH is retired and you are surrounded by family. Have you gotten rain lately? We are in the biggest drought ever in my lifetime here. Not fun. The weather is insane this year, as has been the heat. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love you

Tina of Moon Shine said...

I hate that dental work is so $$$$. I need about 10k of work. enjoyed your entry!