Saturday, November 15, 2008

No News is Good News....I guess.

Well, they say "No news is good news." I guess it is. It's why I haven't posted. It has been SO BORRRRING around here. The girls & Tommy are watching the new Kung Fu Panda movie and I'm popping Tums. We had spaghetti & meatballs for dinner & it isn't setting very well.
I'm a bit irritated about Thanksgiving. My oldest son & his wife and kids go to HER family's for the daytime meal. Every year. My daughter (if she is with someone-and she is already.) usually goes to her man's family. Then they all show up at our house that night expecting MY traditional dinner...leftover. I make a daytime meal and whomever shows is welcome. Rich's brother and sister that liver here, usually do something with their inlaws. Sometimes my mother in law and sister in law come here. I never know when Richard will be here until the last minute because he is on call and he thinks he HAS to work that day before & after so he can get that Holiday pay. Usually they try to hold the trains until after 2pm. Mother in law is still in the nursing home & I think Richard's sister is taking their other sister back to Missour. If they will let her out, we will probably get her or one of his other brothers might. We quit having the huge family meal because I don't have anyone to really help me. Tommy of course, now. But before him it was me doing it all with as much help as Rich could give, doing it all. You know, when out kids were young and unmarried, even though MY family lived 500 miles we tried to change holidays. We'd go to KS for Thanksgiving and stay here for Christmas. Then change it the next yr. My mother in law ALWAYS had her dinner on Christmas eve. SOME years we'd have dinner & open gifts with them on Christmas eve then drive all night to Kansas so we'd be there on Christmas day. Yeah. Talk about some interesting storiess. The kids loved it though and my parents especially appreciated it. I don't think my kids would do that for us. LOL
I've already called Richard Scrooge and it's only mid November. HE HATES ALL shopping, but he ABHORS Christmas shopping. If it's something I need picked up for a guy and that's ALL that has to be bought...he will go get it...SOMETIMES. LOL I guess I ruined it for him. I'd put us in debt buying for the kids and everyone and their dog and then spend the year paying it off. He HATED that SO MUCH. I got everything I wanted & I just thought our kids should too. At least I LIMIT what I spend this year. (I TRY....LOL).
Weather has been very Autumnal. Coolish days & very chilly nights. Ater one night when it'd gotten down in the high 30s, the house was very cool all day. I finally wwent & checked the (electronic) thermostat. It has up and down buttons for the temp, right? Well it was set on 50 degrees!!!! Kenzie had been playing with it. Brrr.
Did I mention our sewer backed up last week? It was a week ago yest. I think. Wouldn't have been a big deal but it leaked a little around the seal of the toliet. Oh Lord. What a stinking mess a small amount of backed up water can make. Suffice it to say, I would love to pull up that carpet and put tile in that bathroom, but until after Holidays we're not doing anything extra. Of course it happened on a Friday & Rich had to call half dozen plumbers until he found one who could come out before Monday. Well, the clog wasn't in our line, so he got the City out there and there was major clog in the main in the alley right behind our neighbor to the Easts house. Unfortunately they were out of town & SUPPOSED to be gone for a monthh, but THANK the good Lord, their son came over, smelled the mess & got in touch with them before they left the country!! They had taken the tub out of their bath and just had a stand up shower. So the sewage backed all the way into their tiled bathroom, carpeted walk in closet and I don't know what all. Major damage there. The plumber said that the City would pay his bill, since the clog was in the city main. The City workers came out late that day and they worked into the evening. That surprised me. Just another exciting day in my life. LOL
Well. For rhe love of pete I can't think of anything else to write about. I know I will think of something really interesting to write about at some further date. I will jot it down, so I can remember to write about it. LOL
Hope you all productive weeks and are enjoying your weekend. Love ya!
Hope you all have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving if I don't write again before!!



Martha said...

I think I'd just make a turkey with some rolls to make little sandwhiches and leave it at that. It's not fair to expect the whole big meal late in the day!
Good to hear from you! Your link worked just fine this time :-)

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and may your smelly sewage stay where it is supposed to stay!

Missie said...

I no longer make a Thanksgiving dinner either. We know go out to eat. No mess and no cleanup.

Terri said...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!


Terri said...

Knock's me

I have something for you on my journal =)


Shelly said...

Hi Barb. Gosh I've missed you somehow. I'm sorry about your Thanksgiving. I hope it turns out nice anyway. Let's count our blessings!! Love ya honey bunny!!