Thursday, November 6, 2008

What to do? What to do?

OMG OMG OMG OMG! THERE IS NO ONE IN THIS HOUSE TODAY ALL DAY LONG! Well at least until about 3PM. Not a man. Not a child. Well....the animals but I can count on them sleeping all day because it's going to be chilly all day. Chili? Hmmmm
I digress. WHAT TO DO? Go back to bed? I can do that any time. Clean house? Screw THAT!Although I am going to have to clean the kitchen. No big deal. Tom did most of the laundry this weekend? I need to go shopping for a new pair of shoes, but that would entail getting dressed. I hadn't planned on that at the present moment.
Could paint my 9 toenails. Go to the store and get flour and make bread and the stuff to make soupl No, that involves leaving the house.
Go Christnas shopping. Online. On TV. Distinct possibility.
Address the Christmas cards I bought yesterday.
Wrap the gifts I have bought.
We bought a new (aftificial) tree this year. 7 1/2ft with 900 lights.

Scrooge (cough cough) will not have a live tree. One year we had a live one & we didn't know how to take care of it. Young, in love, horny. Water the tree? HUH? OMG When we took it out there were needles everywhere. Between one end of the house to the other. It must have take 6 months to dig them out of that lovely gold shag carpet. Ahhhh shag carpets. Water beds. Puking kids in the night. Those were the days. LOL
Hmmm what else. Could watch Season one of something. We buy all these box sets of series and they are still in the wrappers. Sheesh.
Could do a facial. I bought a bunch of new face products. This face I think it's going to take more than $120.oo bottle of deep wrinkle cream and a few other serums, creams and tubes of gunks to help. So far after about 2 weeks the only deep wrinkles it's remove are in the $120.oo worth of bills I shelled out for it. Hubby goes how much did THIS one cost? I told him You don't wanna know." How much do I not want to know? "Trust me, just don't ask." Hee hee. Actually since I am been ultra faithul with this stuff, I can tell slight difference win the wrinkles in the corner of my mouth. Definite lessening of the look of pores. I usualy don't buy that expensive stuff because I am not consistent. I use it a week then shove it off. I've been globbing it on by the dropfuls twice a day. LOL
Facial: 20 min. Leaves quite a bit more time.
If I had a friend that didn't work I might kidnap her and we could go to Hobbs and play the Slots all day. Oh I wish I had of that one ealier.
Well, since I subscribe to about 10 magazines, I think I will use some time to catch up on them. Crochet. I have two baby blankies I need to get done.
If you have me phone number lose it on Saturday! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about theh Tech Red Raiders -NUMBER 2 IN THE NATION, thank you very nuch. Playing OKLA State. Who are also highly ranked. We are undefeatd and this is getting as close to the Super Bowl Playoffs as it gets around here. It's been YEARS since we've be ranke so high and beating NUMER ONE TEXA S last weekend was SO FANDAMTASTIC. We wsent out and bought a new tech flag. Our other one was tattered and needed replacing. i'm going one of the campus stores for goodies for the girl. Noisemakers and such. LOL We love our Tech FB.
Oh, and one thing i have been meaning to tell you for weeks, but kept forgetting...a few weeks ago our granddaughter Ashley was spending the weekend. She's in Jr High (or middle school). Someone "tried" to toliet papet our trees. LMAO. They barely got any paper streamers in the trees. Then out automatic outdoor lights probably came on & scared the bejesus out of em. They squirted strawberry syrup on some of the paper, but left about a dozen rolls of tissure laying in the yard. Too Too funny. It had to be firends Ashleys. So funny.
Okay,, I'm getting sleepy. I feel a quick nap coming on. LOL
Have a wonderful rest of your week

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Terri said...

U crack me up!!! Loved this entry

Hope you enjoyed yourself...and had some "me" time...

Clean house=screw that...AMEN sista


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hope you enjoyed the time to yourself! Alvia

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Lovely to hear you had a bit of leesure time. I hope you enjoyed it.

Missie said...

I hope you enjoyed your time!

Have a good weekend.

krissy knox said...

Hi Barb, I just found you! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the comment you left, and for letting me know what has been going on with you. I'm so sorry...

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Krissy :)
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Martha said...

I'm confused!! I saw this entry pop up on my blog list when you posted, but when I clicked it said entry not found, wth? I thought you had deleted it!!
I'm doing a weekend blogathon and blog jog. As I went down my blog list on the dashboard, clicked and it's here! Did you change something with your link or anything?
Sorry I've been missing things!!